Million Dollar Homepage; Fad Or Fiction


 Million Dollar Homepage; Fad Or Fiction

 In 2006, Alex Tew set up a simple, yet ingenious experiment: to make exactly $1 million from selling pixels on his website. Tew believed he'd hit the jackpot with this idea, and took the opportunity to learn more about life in Silicon Valley while living rent-free (and debt free) at his parent's house.

At first, it looked like he might be right – in just six days of opening for business, he had made over $300.000! Surely this was a sign that success lay ahead for Tew? But then something strange happened – it seemed people had quickly grown bored of the idea and stopped buying ads on his site. Soon the ads racked up to a record breaking $1.3 million loss! Rather than being discouraged by failure, Tew was determined to take his idea to the next level.

MillionDollarHomepage now sells pixels for $10,000 each -which is incidentally how much an iPhone costs...

But that's not all! In a recent interview, Alex said he has plans to create an "epic" interactive music video game within the Million Dollar Homepage -as if it wasn't exciting enough already. This new venture will allow anyone to earn money by creating and designing their own pixel art – something that's bound to make Tew some money, surely?

So is this site a fad or a potentially viable business opportunity? To find out we need to look at what exactly the Million Dollar Homepage is. In essence, it's cleverly designed website with a unique concept, which allows everyday people to take part in the creation of something special -and if successful, could make them a lot of cash.

Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement as yet about how much Alex Tew has made from his groundbreaking experiment – although it seems unlikely he will have made anywhere near $1 million dollars selling pixels. To find out what the Million Dollar Homepage really is all about -we need to look at how it was founded.

MillionDollarHomepage is a website that allows people to sell their pixel art -or "bits" as they're often called. The concept behind the site is straightforward: a user creates his or her own pixel art, then sells it on the site for a sum of money – and if enough people like the art, then they place ads with it, earning the creators income based on how many purchases their pixel art achieves.

Conclusion: The concept behind the site is decent, but the reality of how it's run is very different. The website is simple to navigate and sells pixels as a fun way to earn some money. And even though the concept might be gripping, it seems unlikely that someone with no background in art school or advertising will be able to earn a big sum of money from their artwork, especially because there are already plenty of people selling their pixel art and making a huge amount of money from it.

This raises a few questions:

1. Is Alex Tew A Successful Entrepreneur?

Answer: No

2. Has His Experiment Been A Success?

Answer: Not As Expected


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