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Written by Chris Drennen. My name is Chris Drennen and in this blog post I am going to review MLM opportunities that offer home-based business opportunities. I am going to do so in a very detailed and analytical manner. So, with out further ado let's get into it! We will start with an up and coming company called No B.S..

No B.S.

I have followed the rise of No B.S over the past year or so, and while I like their approach in marketing, I never got a strong feeling from the company that they were focused on the long term. They seemed more interested in getting members in rather than making sure those members were placed into a long term opportunity that would give them life-long residual income and monetization options via downline sales of products or services. That being said, there are a lot of things I like about No B.S. However, before we get into those I wanted to discuss my previous issues with the company or "gripes" as some people may call them for lack of a better term.

I originally signed up with No BS about 8 months ago upon request from a friend who had joined the company via a personal invitation to join. After signing up I quickly realized that the only reason my friend had been invited to join was because she had met someone involved in the company at an event and they thought she would make a good downline member due to her deep passion for health and fitness. After watching my friend spend $600 on product over her first month in the company I started to seriously question whether or not I should continue being a member.

While my friend is passionate about health and fitness, she is a picky eater and doesn't like to spend money. This was not enough for her to actually hit her goal of selling $600 worth of product over her first month in the company (without using her own money). I have tried talking to her about it many times and she just doesn't get it. She thinks that it is "ok" to not hit such an easy sales goal because she lives in a small town that does not have many people who are interested in what she is selling.

After my second month in the company I began to fear that I would not make enough money to cover my monthly expenses and that I would be forced to give up the great lifestyle I am living now as a result. This is something that is really hard for me, as I work in customer service and love what I do, but there are just days where you are letting yourself go. The great thing about being a semi-realtor is that if you can stay on top of your game, all the commissions from selling real estate can really help take care of things like enjoying life, traveling, saving for retirement and home improvements.


I really respect the company for trying to offer to people in a downline a realistic goal of $600 per month through the sale of their health and fitness products. However, I think some of No B.S.'s techniques are flawed and they really could be doing more to help both new and older members hit their goals. In some cases it is nearly impossible for them to reach their sales goals without using their own money, which does not encourage long term success.

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