Maximize your broadcast


 Maximize your broadcast

Content is king. With so many websites, podcasts, and videos vying for viewers' attention, how do you know where to put your time and money? This blog post will help you make savvy choices about what types of content to create as well as how to craft the best possible video for your audience.

Learn the top five mistakes content creators make when broadcasting on YouTube or other social media sites and some hacks on how they can avoid these pitfalls. We also share some more suggestions on which tools are helpful in marketing a new podcast or website and other creative business ideas that could be applied to broadcast content creation.

1. Not Knowing Their Audience

Are you targeting a niche segment or the masses? Do you know where your audience is? What are their interests and passions, fears and frustrations, wants and needs? What does this mean for what they need to be informed about and entertained with? Many content creators have not taken enough time to do their homework to find these answers. This translates into them creating content that doesn't appeal to most of their target audience. The easiest fix for this scenario is asking questions of your target market.

Regardless of where your audience is, it's crucial to know who they are and what they want. This is the question you should be asking yourself as you set out to create content on a regular schedule. You can do this by compiling lists of questions and then posing them throughout your videos or podcasts. Make it fun and interactive for your viewers. Use polls, interactive graphics, interviews, etc.. But have a plan and follow through.

2. Not Knowing Their Queries

Are you asking specific questions in your video that people are searching for? Have you researched what your viewers want to know? If they're watching a tutorial about how to build a compost pile or how to build a deck, they'll want to know how much material is needed, which tools are required, what safety precautions should be taken, etc.. If you don't think of these questions and answer them in your videos, you'll lose viewers fast and they won't come back. These days people want specific information quickly and they won't keep looking if you don't deliver it.

3. Having a Bad Video Quality

It's 2016 and if you don't have a video (or podcast) uploaded in HD, you're doing it wrong. There's basically no excuse for not having a high quality video on YouTube these days. If people come to your site and the first thing they see is a pixelated or fuzzy looking video, they're probably going to move on to another resource. People want to see crisp, clear content that provides useful information and there's no better way to lose people than by not providing what they need in order for them to watch your entire video through all the way.

4. Not Being Linked to Your Target Audience

People come to your website to look for what you have to offer. They are NOT coming to your site out of some sense of obligation, yet they are still coming across it. Therefore, you need to be on their radar. There's no better way than creating a branded video that links back to your website or a promotion video that shows off your brand and how people can connect with it. Google and YouTube just don't offer this option so there's no excuse for not having a branded video on those two sites if you're going to promote yourself in any way.



These are obviously great tips for generating more meaningful, informative content. But you need to always remember that it's about your audience and their needs. If you don't have an audience asking you questions and if they don't want to learn or be entertained by what you have to offer, then eventually people will lose interest in your content because they simply won't see the value.

What are some of the mistakes that you make when creating broadcast content? Let us know in the comments below!

*The information contained in this post has been provided with the understanding that any references to brands, products, etc..

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