Maximising The Impact Of Your Meta Description Tag


 Maximising The Impact Of Your Meta Description Tag

A meta description is a snippet of text that is displayed in some search engines, beneath the link to your website. It typically summarizes the page you're looking for.

A meta description can be important for your site's click-through rate and ranking in SERPs (search engine results pages). However, if you don't add one, it will show a default of 'Page not found' or 'Website unavailable'.

Create headlines with strong attention-grabbing power to get people clicking through to your site. Your meta description should also be unique and well-written so visitors know what they're getting into it when they click on your link.

Make sure your meta description is short enough to fit in a 140 character limit, which is the norm for current SEO best practice.

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What are the results of this study? And which conclusion is valid? Since this is a small study that was conducted in a controlled environment, it's difficult to draw any conclusions. As Dave Hull points out, "Evaluation of the effects of website content quality on article submission rates is difficult to conduct in a controlled environment because websites that are objectively rated higher likely attract more technical writers." In other words, since this study only involved 10 sites, it's possible that some were simply advertised differently than others. On top of that, some of the websites may have lower-quality content and many writers may have had different writing styles (perhaps they were each assigned articles with different topics or requirements).

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