Making Use of a PDF Editor


 Making Use of a PDF Editor

PDF editors are a great tool for editing PDFs and filling out forms with contact information, credit card details, bank account numbers and other sensitive information. But what is a PDF editor? They are software programs that allow you to modify the text on absentee ballots, edit scanned or typed documents, annotate and slideshow presentations or fill in web forms. Essentially anyone who has ever been faced with the task of filling out complicated forms knows how much easier it is when you can use a PDF editor. 

But there is more to them than being just helpful tools. These editors can actually help prevent identity fraud by encrypting sensitive personal data in documents like tax records so that it cannot be accessed when not needed (i.e. when we are filling out a form) but remains accessible when we need it (i.e. when we want to view our tax return from last year).

One very popular PDF editor is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. This software allows you to fill out any PDF form, even if you cannot open it. It also lets you work under the original copy of a document without making copies or changing the original file. The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has a feature called 'Find and Replace' that makes it easy to change one word in many different locations throughout a document with just one click. You can also edit text, add images and videos, and even put links in your documents with this program.

Another very popular PDF editor is Foxit Reader. This software is perfect for those who are looking for a smaller and free alternative to the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. It performs all of the same functions including 'Find and Replace' so you can change words in many different locations, it enables you to fill out any PDF form and it also lets you edit text, add images and videos, and even put links within your documents. In fact it is very similar in every way except for one: with Foxit Reader you have to pay a subscription fee after 60 days whereas with the Acrobat Pro DC, you are able to use the software indefinitely without paying anything. The subscription fee with Foxit Reader is $49 per year while the Acrobat Pro DC is priced at $99.99 per year.

There are several other free PDF editors out there; however, there are not as many options as there are with paid editors. If you have more specific requirements for your PDF editor, then check out our article on "Best Free PDF Editors".

You can also make use of a professional PDF editor such as Adobe InDesign that all of our staff members here at Event Financial Solutions have used and recommend highly. We also provide some free tips in this section.

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