Make Money Online With Your Website


 Make Money Online With Your Website

Pledge your allegiance to the "Internet of Things" and you may as well be a billionaire. The future corporation with the most data will control the world. That is why it is vital to start making money on line with your website today.

We have gathered this list of ways to monetize your site and make money online so you can benefit from this trend that'll only continue to grow in the coming years.

1) Sell physical items on Etsy: "Etsy has emerged as an e-commerce giant." 
2) Become an affiliate marketer: "If you’ve ever shared a link on social media, there’s a good chance you made some money. But if you actually want to get paid to share links, you need to become an affiliate marketer."

3) Get discovered as a blogger: "Become a blog writer and you can have your own blog, with which you can recommend any products in the world. You will make money through advertising and affiliate marketing."

4) Create videos for YouTube: "To create videos for YouTube, you need cheap equipment, software and a lot of patience. However, if you have those things, then it’s worth every penny. If not then it would not be that profitable for you!"
Udemy Review  –  This is a very popular site that offers classes on programming for as low as $12.
Here's How To Begin Making Money Online with YouTube
5) Become the next Jeremy Affledt: "If you really want to try something new, and get paid for it, then becoming the next Jeremy Affledt is exactly what you should do. If you have a talent for web design and want to use your skills to become the next 'Google' of web design, then taking this course will make a lot of sense. After all if they can hire him, then you can too." 
6) Become a data miner: "Data mining is one of the fastest growing industries right now and companies like LinkedIn and Facebook are always searching for more good data researchers. It's not as easy as you think takes years of experience and knowledge to get the position that you want."
8) Sell your own product: "If you decide to create your own product and sell it, then you will be able to make some serious money. That's because if you can create a product that people enjoy using, then they will constantly use it and recommend it to their friends."
9) Sell your digital files on Fiverr: "Fiverr is a marketplace for both freelancers and those who are looking for services online. It is one of the most amazing websites when it comes to getting things done on the cheap. So if you're looking to sell your digital files online, then Fiverr should be the first place that you visit."
10) Be a product tester: "If you would like to get paid for testing products and services, then becoming a product tester is the best way to do it. That's because companies will actually pay you for testing out their products and telling them exactly what you think about it."
11) Sell your ebooks on Amazon: "If you have been writing down things that are important to your life, or things that you know people will enjoy reading, then why not publish them online and sell them on Amazon? If money is not your priority, then sharing with people should be enough of an incentive.
12) Create a web site: "Just because the internet has made it so much easier to make money online doesn't mean you should neglect your own website. After all, it's your personal brand. So if you like what you do and want to make more money, then creating your own website is a great solution."
13) Make money with apps: "If you currently have an app idea that will make people happy, then it would be wise to create this and sell the app. You can even create multiple versions of an app such as 'Kids Version' or 'Social Version'. If the idea sells well, then you can go ahead and sell the full version.

Conclusion: With all of the amazing ways to make money online, it's no wonder that the internet has changed how we live our lives. Time was when those who had nothing to do could sit around a campfire and catch up on their latest news, but now it's possible for people to work from home and have a real life.
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