Magazine Subscriptions For Teens


 Magazine Subscriptions For Teens

It's always a good idea to have some form of entertainment for two in case you and your date are ever without plans. Plus, magazines come with pictures! You can't go wrong with that.

Here we have complied a list of the best magazine subscriptions aimed specifically for teens. We hope you enjoy this article! 

##Introduce an opinion piece about modern education in America:

 While attending college, I had an opportunity to study abroad at the University of London School of Economics during my final semester. It was a mind-blowing experience, from the first minute I started my program to the second the plane landed back home. What really helped my time abroad is that I would take a part time job at a local pub to earn some money. This gave me some free time, but also a chance to learn about how the economy works in London.

The pub job was great for learning basic economics and business strategy. While there, I learned that for every manager who worked hard and had good ideas, there were two managers who did not work hard or have good ideas. The pub also had a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) inside, which was great for business. Londoners love KFC. However, I learned that when a restaurant gets a KFC inside, the business inside the restaurant is negatively affected by about 30%.

After my time studying abroad, I also found out that there were two American universities right next to mine in London – The University of Illinois at Urbana and Iowa State University. I decided to attend the University of Illinois - Urbana graduate program. This gave me a chance to do my research obligation for my master's degree right from where I studied in London. There were some differences between the two universities, but what I found out was one thing that unified them – both University of Illinois and Iowa State University had good and bad food on campus.

So when it comes to enjoying some good food while studying, it seems that your only option is to find a pub or fast-food restaurant. I guess you could just order food from a grocery store if you are really dedicated. It is not uncommon to see a few students attempt to cook dinner in their dorms, but the results are never consistent. Cooking food at home instead of going out is a great decision, but it sucks when it comes to picky eaters and starving students.

When it comes down to it, college kids aren't getting the kind of food they deserve on campus. We have grown up with the high expectation that every day we can enjoy some good food prepared by experts in various cuisines and served by friendly wait staff during our lunch breaks. We have forgotten that there is something tasty called cafeteria food that can be incredibly delicious from time to time.

Conclusion: The high-end restaurants have something for everyone, but what we need is a fast food option that serves fresh, tasty food with a variety of choices. We need "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and some "Fresh Mozzarella Prosciutto Panini" in the same place. The solution is good food served from good people who care about the quality of our food. It looks like we have been looking at the problem from a wrong angle all along until now. – Arthur Brooks

"If I can dream it, I can make it come true.

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