Looking for Strategic Partner, Major Investor or Acquirer


Looking for Strategic Partner, Major Investor or Acquirer

We are looking for strategic partners, major investors or acquirers.

A company with a reputation for integrity and success in its industry. A company that's growing and is seeking strategic investment to enhance its competitive advantage; a company with the vision, global reach, and culture to continuously innovate and grow; a company that will introduce Best X as the world's leading solution in this space.

At Best X we combine software engineering expertise with information management best practices so enterprises can create data-driven decision making processes to achieve new levels of performance more efficiently than ever before.

We work with a global network of partners and a wide range of clients including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and independent software vendors (ISVs) worldwide. Best X has been recognized for its innovative and creative approach to product development, rapid development cycle times, flexibility in meeting client needs, and strong customer loyalty. We are privately held with headquarters in Toronto.

Best X is looking for a company with the size and financial strength to continue building on our success. Our technology is important to many players in the industry; therefore we expect that any transaction would be friendly and that we would maintain our relationship with the Best X management team.

Our technology and clients would be a great fit with your company. We invite you to partner with us, or acquire us. In either case, we are confident that we can help you achieve your goals to become the next industry leader.

Please contact the Chief Executive Officer of Best X at 416-777-7777 ext 100101 to find out more about our company, this exciting opportunity or anything else related to moving the relationship forward.

PRIVACY NOTICE: The personal information that you have provided in this notice is collected and will be used by Best X Inc., for the purpose outlined above only if you choose to provide this information to us. We will not share your information with any other company or third party.

The company name, for the purpose of this notice is Best X Inc., a private Canadian Corporation located at 1001 Richmond Street West, Suite 1000, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5V 3A9 and is not transferring your personal information to another country. The deposited information will be maintained in accordance with the privacy standards set out in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada.

Best X Inc., does not engage in email newsletters or other electronic communications that are not relevant to its products and services. This notice can be changed at anytime by updating this statement on our website by clicking here: https://www.

Conclusion - If you are interested in discussing this opportunity or have a technology partner who is then we'd like to send you a proposal to discuss further.


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Mr Gary Dawson
Group President/CEO, Best X Inc.

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