La Pagina del Millon


 La Pagina del Millon

Zack is the founder of a page created to share and help others with their knowledge on how to learn something new. As one of the 37 best websites, it provides resources for learning how to succeed in anything. The purpose is to help people achieve the success they desire in life, whatever that may be.

He has spent years mastering skills such as computer software, web design, and photography that would allow him to use these skills for his career.

However, he had trouble staying focused on his goals and was constantly overcome by anxiety while trying new things because  he felt like he didn't know enough about them to guide himself through them properly.

He decided to create a place where he could find the answers that he was looking for. That is how La Pagina del Millon was born.

His goal is to become a successful web designer, writer, and photographer. He is now self-employed and hopes to soon launch his own business or buy a house. He is insanely ambitious but very determined.
Sincerely, Zack from LDP Edit: Updated the page in order to include some of his latest projects as well as include two more interviews with him from other websites. -ShaneMartinez This book can also be found under the title "Life Lessons Learned" on Amazon's Kindle store.
Hi Anthony, I am the founder of a website that offers free online lessons in various topics, We are going to start with this one.
How do you feel about starting a blog website?  
Shane: I am extremely excited to start this blog!! It will be an excellent way to provide information and advice on a variety of subjects – just what my readers need. It will be an excellent tool for reaching out to new clients or customers who are looking for contact information and can also obtain a complimentary consultation with me regarding their needs.  It will also be a great way to spread my message and philosophy around the world...  
I have always liked the idea of writing, and this will be a great way to put my thoughts into organized, concise articles that readers can read and take action on.  
What are you hoping to accomplish with this blog?  
Shane: I am hoping to help as many people as possible in their journey to improve their lives. If students or clients feel some kind of benefit from my teachings, then it will be worth all the time I put into it. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have helped someone else in some way.  
I also want to share the lessons that I learn along the way in life – how I accomplished certain things or how I overcame certain difficulties. I want to help and inspire others as they achieve their goals.
I am also working to extend my network of support and services by promoting myself through articles written on other websites. This way, readers who are interested in my services can find me in more places online and also feel more comfortable contacting me for help – which is the whole purpose of this business venture!  
What lessons have you learned in life that you would like to share?  
Shane: There are so many lessons that I have learned over the years... It's pretty hard to keep track of them all, actually. But it usually starts with a personal revelation or discovery, and I try to examine that experience and learn something from it.

Conclusion: I believe one can learn a lot about life by studying other people and seeing what they do that works, and then putting their things into a practical application. I always try to look at the world from a different perspective since some problems are never solved on their own.
-Anthony "I'm a 23 year old man, currently working full time as well as an undergraduate student.  I have had all sorts of jobs in my life, from being homeless and drinking my way through college to working in corporate America where I got stuck in the middle class working for big companies.  So you can see I've had my fair share of troubles..  That being said...

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