'It' bags are the classic cars of the fashion set


 'It' bags are the classic cars of the fashion set

Back in the day when I was a teenager, I couldn't afford a car. Sure, it was disappointing that my parents wouldn't get me an F-150 or Mustang Cobra, but I was happy to have a reliable make and model of coupe sitting in the driveway. And hey, at least my parents could still afford to buy gifts for me and not feel guilty about it because they weren't spending too much...

But times have changed since then. Cars are now much more expensive than their used counterparts and aren't practical for everyone. A Porsche 911 or Maserati Quattroporte may be affordable for some, but the average American can't afford them.

So car shopping has become a more complicated process than it used to be. Go to your local auto auction and you might find a brand new Corvette ZR1 or Lamborghini Diablo at a fraction of what they retail for. Or you might wind up buying a 2004 Saturn Ion R/T Coupe with 70,000 miles on the odometer for less than you'd pay in taxes at the dealership.

Well, the same thing is happening in the fashion world. Brand new designer handbags are no longer considered only for the rich and famous anymore. They are now more accessible than they ever have been. But those that still can't afford a new $12,000 Chanel bag are soon to be able to buy one of those too, thanks to a new line of bags now being released by Coach.

Coach has launched two luxury handbag lines: One is called MC2 and it is targeted at people who already have a nice wardrobe, but want that special something for an evening out or special event (think weddings, proms, etc.). The other line is called Co-Signer and is geared towards people who have a certain eye for fashion but don't have the money to afford a new $1,700 purse.

In essence, MC2 handbags are like classic cars and Co-Signer bags are classic cars that used to be owned by someone famous. (I'll give you a minute to let that analogy sink in.)

The MC2 handbags retail for anywhere from $300 to $500 and feature Coach's "signature" C logo embellished on the hardware or lining. The Co-Signer line is meant for people who can't afford an MC2 bag and retail for between $125 and $250.


I don't want to start seeing people with fake Louis Vuitton bags, but I also know that back when I was a teenager, having a "Car and Driver" subscription or owning a 1980 280ZX Turbo were things kids wanted. And now owning a flashy new Maserati or Corolla are what kids want. If you want something expensive, you can find someone who owns it and make them an offer they can't refuse (just watch The Godfather to understand the proper way to go about it) and get that bag for much less than retail.

Just don't try this with cars, or the companies will be quick to sue you. Trust me on this one...

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