Increasing Your Web Site Traffic : Passive vs Active Online Promotion


 Increasing Your Web Site Traffic : Passive vs Active Online Promotion

Your website is a great start, but you can't just have one or two pages and expect it to generate traffic. There are many different ways that you can increase your webpage traffic and we'll go over the pros and cons of each so you know which methods to try first.

This article will help you identify what type of promotion is best for your business, how much it costs, and the advantages each offers. We'll also be discussing some promotion tactics that have nothing to do with online advertising such as Public Relations, SEO services, social media networks like Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter forums. These are all great ways to market your product in addition to paid online advertising methods.

Online business promotion is an ever-evolving process. Each year there are new marketing tactics and new trends to research. What once worked is no longer effective. Another factor to keep in mind is the attitude of your target market. It's important that you understand how they use online media so you can effectively connect with them.

You don't need a huge budget for your initial marketing campaign. It's all about researching the best, easiest ways to get targeted traffic to your website and then converting the visitors into paying customers. Here are some general suggestions for free online promotion:

Create one or more niche blogs . Blogs are a great forum for discussing your product or service and connecting with your target market. You can also see how they react to different topics and ideas. Post articles, videos or pictures about the subject matter and get feedback from readers.

Post guest blogs . Posting guest blogs on popular industry websites will help you reach a wider audience. Look for websites in your industry that have an active online community looking for new information. Generally, sites like this are always looking for unique content from industry experts so it's a win-win situation to offer them helpful information about your product or service in exchange for a link back to your site.

Engage in Social Media .

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