Increase Website Traffic With Links To Your Website


 Increase Website Traffic With Links To Your Website

This may sound simple, but this technique can help to improve the traffic to your site. Essentially, all that you need to do is place links within articles and posts on other sites that contain information related to your website. Visitors reading these posts will click on the links which will direct them straight back to your site. The more links you have in external content linking back to your site the more targeted traffic you'll get from search engines when those pages are indexed.

Here are some quick tips for implementing this strategy: 

1) Make sure there is a link back with relevant and useful content - This isn't just about pointing at a link with no substance behind it. Search engines like back links with useful content. You should aim to have 2-3 relevant links for each post/article. This will help to strengthen the authority of your site in the eyes of search engines and help to boost your website's authority.

2) Make sure that there is a high visibility between the two sites - The link can be from a high ranked page or an internal page on your own site. In order to keep up your visibility, make sure that links are placed on the highest value pages in order to increase the chances of them being seen by search engine spiders.

3) Include relevant keywords in your links - The more relevant keywords that are included in the link, the better. For example, if there is a link on an article about finance then include the keyword finance within the anchor text. If you do so, search engines will see that as being more important than the anchor text alone, which will then help to boost the authority of your site.

4) Optimize your internal linking - This will help to ensure that there is a good visibility between sites and therefore increase your search engine rankings. It's not strictly necessary but it can help to boost traffic if you do use internal linking.


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