Increase Web Site Visitor Return Rates


 Increase Web Site Visitor Return Rates

When you're running a business website, you are in direct competition with the millions of other business websites on the internet. As part of your marketing strategy, you should consider increasing your website's visitor return rates. When people browse your site and exit after visiting one or two pages, they are unlikely to return to visit any more information about your company. Consequently, if there is not anything special about your site that compels visitors to stay a little longer than their average browsing session duration or if they visit only one page of content but leave without reading it fully then these visitors will not spread positive word-of-mouth at all and may even be discouraged from sharing niches on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In order to increase your website visitor return rates, you should focus on creating content for all of the different types of visitors that visit your site. If you create content that is appealing to new visitors and re-visitants but also appeal to patrons who have visited your site already then you will greatly increase your website's overall traffic data and visitor return rates. For example, if a user visits your "About Us" page for the first time and clicks away without reading it fully, they may be encouraged to stay on your site if you include an enticing pop-up box that emphasizes some important information on the "About Us" page. This pop-up box could be a video or text page that emphasizes some of the most important details about your company such as its history, awards that it has received or any team members who have been recognized by your industry. It is also important to mention that post-browse pop-ups should be short in length to avoid losing visitors' attention and interest.

The post-browse pop up should direct visitors to the exact page of content they were viewing before they clicked away from it. In addition to appealing to website patrons who are all ready familiar with your website, these post-browse pop-ups can also encourage new visitors to check out other pages on your site such as sales and promotions.

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