Increase Traffic With Hit Exchanges


 Increase Traffic With Hit Exchanges

Hit exchanges are a good way to increase traffic to your website. When you participate in a hit exchange, your blog will be paired with another blogger's site on the same topic and then given an equal amount of views for a set period of time. This means that each of you will have equal hits on your site for a certain period of time.

Some hit exchanges are free, while others cost money. If you have a larger blog, it may be worth your while to pay for a hit exchange. You'll get more than one round of hits on your site and you may even gain a new follower for your blog in the process.

To get started with hit exchanges, look for ones that match the topic of your blog or similar ones. Some common topics include: food, fashion, photography and travel. Once you find one with an open section, click the button to register or input your information and wait for someone to pair their site with yours.


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