Increase New Customer Traffic to Your Business


 Increase New Customer Traffic to Your Business

Are you struggling to find new customers for your business? You're not alone - many businesses are, and it's often because they don't have a clear marketing plan. Here's the thing: Your marketing plan should always be improving. Don't ever stop working on it!

In this post we’ll break down some unique and unconventional ideas to get people interested in your business (and keep them coming back). Take a look at the following list and incorporate some of these ideas to improve your marketing today.

1. Create a blog or newsletter - it's free!

Newsletters and blogs are an excellent way to connect with customers, and people like to receive them because they're so convenient. If you're into email marketing, why not create an email list and keep in touch with your customers this way? Remember, everyone is busy - you've got to keep it short, sweet and interesting; no one wants to read a novel. Marketing guru Seth Godin says, "If you want the truth about your company, ask the people who buy from you. If you want the truth about your market, ask the people who sell to it." Start a blog or newsletter and do just that.

2. Be active on social media

Social media is such an important part of any marketing plan, but it can also be hard to know where to start. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share interesting links, pictures and videos about your business. Once you get going on one platform, it's surprisingly easy to cross-promote on others. You could even create a YouTube video explaining how your business works (try this for a free video hosting site).


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