How to throw a Poker game in your Home without your wife finding out


 How to throw a Poker game in your Home without your wife finding out

How to throw a Poker game in your Home without your wife finding out
In poker, it is possible to play a hand with someone in their home. In order to do so without arousing suspicions, the following tips can be used.

First, make sure you don't have anything on the walls that would give an indication of what you are doing. If you are playing in your living room, make sure that there aren't any painting or decorations up on the ceiling either. If these things exist and there is enough room up high for players to stand and play poker, it might create suspicion even if one doesn't actively look for them.

Next, make sure you have good lighting. This is essential because if your play isn't visible to your wife, she might not realize it. Play a game with one or two other people and if you are afraid of discovery by a spouse, only play with them.

Finally, when playing in order to minimize suspicions, limit the risk of being discovered to only one hand at a time. It's not necessary to be paranoid when playing this way but rather make sure that you are making the correct assumptions about your spouse's honesty as well as their knowledge of what you're doing.

On the other hand, there are some people who prefer to play at a house where they know their spouse isn't around. In this case, it is possible that they may choose to leave tracks of ownership on the walls or on a few other conspicuous places such as a poker chip. This can be used as proof that someone have been playing in their home without them being aware of it.

In order to make sure you won't get caught when you play at your home with someone else, make sure to remember all of the tips listed above. By following them in detail and also leaving little traces of your presence after you've finished playing, this can help you minimize any suspicion your wife might have.

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