How To Start An Internet Business – Site Layout


 How To Start An Internet Business – Site Layout

Running a website is an entrepreneurial endeavor that can lead to tremendous success. The big question on everyone's mind is how it should be done. It's not just about having a domain and hosting, it's about the layout of all the different pages on your site too!

In this piece we'll go through the basic menu and what you might want to include on each page, as well as briefly explaining why each one is important.

The Menu

The first and most important menu item is the menu. It's most common to have a "home" page that contains basic information about your site, and links to all the other pages on the site. This is shown below:

But you can also have a "logo" page where you display your logo or business image. This is also great for letting people know who you are and what you do, so it's something you should consider. Adding a contact form to this page will allow anyone who finds your site via search engines to contact you via email. This is really important because it can help you get new clients and increase your revenue.

A blog page will be used for posting content to your site. You can post text, images, videos and more!

A gallery page is a good way to show off a portfolio of your work. It can also be used for promoting other sites, as well as showing off products that you sell. It's a great way for people to see the kind of work you do, and it's easy to link to your other pages on the site too!

The "services" page is a great place to show off what you offer in terms of services. You can also use it to display products that you sell, as well as a contact form.

The "support" page is used to provide support and help for your business customers. It's a good idea to use this page to explain the service that you offer. Providing an email address for support will mean that people can contact you directly with any questions they have. This increases your presence online, and it shows people that you're dedicated to providing great service!

The "about" page is the place where you show off who you are, what your skills are, where you're based, and so forth. Some people like to include a picture of themselves here, but it's a personal choice.

The "reviews" page is the place where you can showcase testimonials from past customers. You can either include their name and address here or just display their positive comments on your site. If you have a Facebook page, consider posting testimonials there too!

An "about us" page is important for showing who works at your business, as well as explaining what your company's mission is. It's also a good idea to feature a contact form on this page so people can get in touch with you if they have any questions or comments.


So there you have it, a basic guide to the different pages that you might want to include on your site. If you have any questions or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you! This information will help you get started but there's no need to stop here. You can create a site map and figure out exactly how different pieces fit together.

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