How To Save Money On Google’s Adwords


 How To Save Money On Google’s Adwords

Google's Adwords are an advertising engine that allows businesses to pay for advertisement on the internet. With Google, businesses can target potential customers with ads tailored to their specific needs. This guide shares tips and tricks to help you save money on your Adwords campaign.

Adwords is a helpful and effective tool to reach new customers in today’s ever-changing business climate, but it just costs too much! Lucky for you, there are some hacks that can help reduce the cost while continuing to leverage this great platform. Read on!

Doing your homework up front will ensure you get the most out of your PPC budget. Things like monthly search volume and competition level are things to research before diving in headfirst. If you don’t know what these are, we have a guide that explains these in detail here: What Are The Key Search Engine Marketing Metrics?

With Adwords it is critical to set a budget that is appropriate for your situation. For many businesses, the temptation is just to enter $5,000 and start writing ads with no regard toward performance or profitability. As mentioned above, looking at the metrics upfront will help set a realistic budget that can be stretched further by following this advice below.

Adwords offers up a few free tools to help you analyze your search marketing campaign. The first is the Adwords Planner.

The Adwords Planner is one of the best resources provided by Google to give you an idea of how much traffic you can expect from keywords, and what that traffic will cost. This tool is very useful for businesses that are looking to improve their online presence without breaking the bank. There are some limitations that you may encounter when using this tool, such as being limited to 2,000 searches per month when advertising Local business (places and services), or having a very small budget; but it’s still worth logging in and checking on your top 100-500 keywords once a month.

The second free Adwords tool is the Keyword Tool.

With the Keyword Tool you can find keyword ideas and whether or not they are a good fit for your business. This is critical because if you advertise a product that does not exist on your website, then you are wasting money on clicks that will ultimately lead to long funnel conversions (i.e., someone coming to your site after typing “Laws of Attraction” into Google). There are many other things that can be learned from this tool, but we’ll let you explore those in more depth by checking out the Adwords blog and Google Partner Network .

The third free Adwords tool is the Plan Comparison Tool .

The Plan Comparison Tool will help you evaluate and compare your campaigns, bids, and budgets. This tool can help you tweak your current campaign to get more traction from the same budget. In fact, some businesses have reported doubling their ROI by simply evaluating their current campaign in this fashion.

By using this tool you can also compare different campaigns that you are running simultaneously – such as a Local Campaign vs an Expanded Campaign . By comparing the two it is often times very apparent which one is performing better than the other and why. It is not uncommon to see doubling of ROI or more between these two types of campaigns, so it’s worth looking into what makes them perform differently.


Clearly Adwords is a powerful tool to quickly reach your target audience and have them take action on your website. It does, however, require a budget that is reviewed and understood thoroughly. By taking the time up front to do some research before diving into the platform you will be well on your way to maximizing your ROI. In this guide we share some simple tips and tricks to help reduce the cost of this popular PPC campaign while still seeing great results.

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