How To Put A Site Online And Make Money From It


 How To Put A Site Online And Make Money From It

Once upon a time there was a man known as Bad Luck. Bad Luck was a young and wealthy man who had a lifelong ambition, he wanted to use his wealth and good looks to trick young beautiful girls into marrying him. He was a con artist who wanted to marry for money.

This story tells how he achieved his goal.

Bad Luck carried a witch doctor called Dr. Knowalong with him. Dr. Knowalong was obviously known as a practitioner of know-how. Dr. Knowalong was the only person who could get Bad Luck a wife.

Dr. Knowalong gave Bad Luck a recipe for a love potion. This potion would be given to his target by one of his friends, therefore Bad Luck would not be at the scene of the crime.

Dr. Knowalong also gave him a few tips for improving his wealth and good looks. Bad Luck taped them to his mirror and looked at them often to keep his good looks.

Bad Luck's first job was easy enough for him; he owned a successful business selling computers, and this is where he took his first victim.

He invited the woman to lunch in the city. They had lunch at a very nice restaurant, then went to the theatre to see a play. They spent a very wet Friday night in the city at a casino. The woman was impressed by the play, but disappointed by the casino.

After the casino, the man suggested dinner. The lady was hungry and enjoyed the dinner.

Unfortunately the lady forgot her umbrella, so she was cold that evening.

In the morning she sent her chauffer to pick up her umbrella from where she had dropped it.

This made her realise that she needed a boyfriend. Bad Luck could be just the man she was looking for.

Bad Luck was patient with her. He waited a long time, until he was satisfied that she was desperate enough and that she was at his mercy.

After another long talk in the morning, it was suggested that they spend the night at the man's town house.

The lunch at the city was accepted by the woman. After the play and the casino, it felt very romantic.

Even the umbrella problem was considered a bit of fun. They went to a posh sports shop where she bought a new pink umbrella for her chauffer.

The night at the town house was the best night of her life.

She felt that she had found her soulmate.

The wedding took place in a beautiful chapel in Paris during the early afternoon. The man paid for everything of course. They had a large party at his town house. He kept the apartment for her to use while she was in town.

They were both quite young.

The honeymoon was spent in a cottage in the country. The weather was very nice.


After six months the lady returned to her original position and Bad Luck ended up with a clean sheet.

The End.

(c) 2006.

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