How to Protest the Online Gambling Ban


 How to Protest the Online Gambling Ban

'Anyone who knows me knows I'm a gamer.' I say as I open the door to the office I'm now working in at the university. My argument for why the university should let us gamers build a playground for our console and pc gaming. I've already explained this to the chairman of the university, but I'm not really sure how I'm going to explain this to the engineering dept, faculty and the student union.

"Hi, I hope I'm not too late, but I came as soon as I could. I hope I didn't miss anything." I say to the principal engineer and the two professors who are sitting at the confrence table. And of course I got the typical answer:

"You're late. You're always late." The mechanical engineering professor says to me. "And besides, I see this as a waste of moneys and resources. I mean, we are talking about a playground, games. And it can't be more that a bit shed next the sports facilities. And besides we are just going to have to move on from this idea right?" The engineering professor says.

"I'm sorry, I'm a gamer and I'm here to ask for your help. We have a great proposal and we are told that you have a good relationship with Mr. Tenenbaum, the Chairman of the university." I say.

"I've already explained this, but because the votes are against us, we'll have to just go along with this." The engineering professor said. "The Finns are already angry at the university because of the vote, and Mr. Langhoff from the German faculty did the same thing: Write a post with his reasons."

"But we want to do more then just writing a post online, we want to protest. We want to make the world see the seriousness of the online gambling ban." I say.

"How do you want to do protest, what exactly have they already said?" The principal engineer says.

"It's very simple, we want to invest our grounds for the construction of the playground for our consoles and pc games into an online gambling facility that we can position in the university campus. We know the university has many groups of students that play all kinds of gameds, and we want to accommodate the different types of gamers. Because if we want the university to be known for being a university that is friendly towards all, and gamer friendly we need to do this." I say.


"You are being silly and stupid, you'll never be able to build this from inside here! There are rules to follow, and regulations. You and who ever else is involved in this is staying here and not get involved!" The engineering professor said.

"But we have ideas, and a plan of action, this plan will make the university find their true place in the world, and not let anyone away from this opportunity." I say.

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