How To Protect Your Website Content


 How To Protect Your Website Content

For a long time I had been driving everyone with my outbursts. I was the one who had all the answers, all the solutions. I was Mr. Right, Mr. Perfectionist, and Mr. ‘I know you can do it better’. I was just like any other perfectionist, just with an extra edge. I was, and still am, an author. Everything, from spelling to language, has to be right.

It’s not easy to be scared when, trying my hardest to help someone, I inadvertently created an entire website whose back-end was rifling around a directory called ‘Bad Guys’. I was trying to make the site easier on people I thought would be affected and I felt that it was tough, to read one word in an article when I could see another article which was about eight words long. It was just how I worked. But this wasn’t a reason for scaring the poor reader. Not at all.

At every step, I asked my family what they thought, I asked my friends what they thought, I asked my editors what they thought. But the end result was always the same. The site was filled with stories about drugs, crime, violence, and about criminal elements. There were other ideas thrown into the mix as well, but even if a guy who never read anything, I was sure, could easily pick up the drift. I just needed to remember, however, that this was just me being scrutinized. The criticism was helping me grow and I really wasn’t going to let it ruin that.

I went shopping every time I got an angry email from an unhappy reader. It was important to me to become a super hero to that person, or person, I had created. They were asking for proof because I didn’t have any. Sometimes I would even call the people who left the reviews and had a chat with them. After all, everyone is entitled to give their opinion. I was trying to solve a problem, I was trying to become a hero. But heroes didn’t usually do things like this.

I was trying to become a super hero, but I definitely was not.

Every time something would happen, I would charge my family or friends with helping me out. I was impatient to solve the problem and I wanted it to do it as soon as possible.

Conclusion - I was a spoilt brat who thought they knew best.

It wasn’t easy running a website, I should have realized that sometimes, perfectionism is not always the solution. I shouldn’t have spooked everyone just because I was acting like a super hero. I should have told them that I was human. I should have told everyone that it was okay to take a break from time to time, because then I could have prevented everyone from hating me.

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