How to Play Texas Holdem, For Beginners


 How to Play Texas Holdem, For Beginners

The Queen of Hearts, she was the weakest of the four, there was no question of that. A mere 1,000 points was all it took to beat her, but that didn’t matter, the four of them were on an amusement park. If they wanted to have an enjoyable afternoon, of course they would beat her.

Earlier, they had tried to knock the poison into the rose in her crown. The poison was lethal enough for each of them to count ten of the trickiest cards, but the queen herself was immune to its effects. The king asked her why she was immune to a poison so powerful that it could expose any weakness in an otherwise powerful human. She didn’t answer.

They had tried to arrange the cards in her arms, her hands and even her legs. The cards they have named “The Four Horsemen” were not very perfect as one can possibly get them. At least, not anywhere near the perfection of the King of Hearts.

Earlier, they had even beaten the Joker, who was now resting in Six of Hearts’ arms, away from the Queen, in their pursuance of a perfect game. He had been beaten in no puzzle and no card game; he fell from the respect he had now gotten. And so they had decided to retire him, and so they did. Six of Hearts had beaten him, with the Queen of Hearts’ help. They had laid him down where he fell, and he lay there now, bleeding.

Later, when the King of Hearts protested, the Queen of Hearts told him that he was weak. And that the Joker did like it on the floor. And so, with the game already coming to an end, the King was determined to prove that he was indeed the strongest – or at least that the Queen was the weakest.

She held the queen of spades, the one who had been just recently added to the deck. Her heart was in the hands of the King of Hearts, who was now the strongest. He held her heart. He was the strongest.

“Are we almost done, then?” she said. “I don’t know much about cards, but I do know that we’ve been playing for hours now. You all seem to be enjoying yourselves, but I, the weakest,” she said that at least three times, “am bored.

Conclusion of the story:

But then, they didn’t play cards all day. While they were sitting on jewelled thrones – thrown there by the small creatures that acted as servants to the Queen of Hearts – drinking tea from teacups that they have received as motes (which, by the way, was delicious), the King of Hearts had whispered to the Queen that he wanted her to lose her is she were indeed the weakest among them.

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