How to play animals


 How to play animals

As kids, most of us loved playing animals – it was one of the games that never got old. Maybe it's because we get to pretend we have different fur color and textures, or because we get to be anyone from a lion to a fox. It could also be because there are just so many different games you can play with animals. You can play catch and tag or hopscotch, and everybody's loved peekaboo. Maybe it's because animal games teach us how to communicate with other people.

The problem is that these types of games are rarely played by adults. And even if you have a kid at home that you know well enough to play games with, they're so fast paced and exciting – you can't stop playing them once they've started! The good news is that in this post, I'm going to teach you how to get creative with your board games; I'll reveal the best board game ideas that are not only fun for everyone (but especially kids) but also challenging and stimulating for those who require mental stimulation.

Here are some of the ways you can surprise your kids with how fun and exciting board games can be:

1. Let your kids draw their own animal character. Before they start playing, ask them to make a drawing of their favorite character and then write beneath it the name of the game. Before they play, let them pick out which one they want to play as. Once they choose a game, encourage them to take turns playing as this animal and avoid playing as others or switching out individuals that want to play others. Even if you're not an animal fan, there is no reason why you shouldn't join in on the fun!

2. Play the games with one player as the duck and the other two as different animals. The game emphasizes cooperation and gives kids a chance to learn how to interact with each other as they play. Start out by playing two-player board games; if it's still fun for your kid, continue on until you have five. You can even play together in pairs if you want – this will definitely keep them on their toes.

3. Play the game by introducing new rules or animals to the board game every time you play. For example, you can use a 'Giraffe' card when one of your players is down, which will make them taller than the other players for the day. You can also implement a 'Snake' card, which makes all players go back to their starting point for that round. Be creative with your own ideas and have fun watching them enjoy these new ideas and rules!

4. Let your child play as one of those characters they're most familiar with in their favorite Disney movie or cartoon series. For example, have them pretend to be Dumbo, and help them learn the rules by teaching them how they can help each other. This will put a different spin on the game and also teach your kids how to utilize their own strengths to achieve a goal as best as they can.

5. Play the games with a twist, like The Best Game Ever! It's basically like musical chairs that incorporates animals – you don't know who will be playing next! You'll also benefit from learning about animals in this game with your kids because your child will use their knowledge of all of the different species that are played in the game to guess who comes next.

6. When your kids are playing with stuffed animals, pretend that they're actually the stuffed animals! This is a great activity if they have a lot of plush toys that have been passed down to them or are currently being used as bedtime buddies. Instead of playing pass the parcel, give them animal names and let them each take turns hiding certain toys from each other. Then once someone wins the game, let them give the next person an animal name!

7. For those of you with kids who really like playing with teddy bears, here's a great idea: play board games that will help them learn how to communicate and solve problems on their own. One of the games I recommend is called Teddy Ruxpin – your kids can actually walk around with this big teddy bear as they play board games!

8. Let your kids use their imagination to play 'Pretend Dentist'! Play an ordinary board game while using animal names to refer to the different pieces. When it's time for oral hygiene, make a game out of brushing teeth and flossing too. This is also a great game you can play when it's time to brush your own teeth, too!

9. Get the kids involved in your own games. For example, get them to play checkers by making the game out of different animals that they like. You can even use animal-themed games as gifts for your nieces and nephews!

10. Let your kids play with their own plush toys! They'll have so much fun pretending that they're actually playing a board game – you might even be impressed by their imaginations! If you want to make sure that they don't get bored with the same old games, then add new rules and cards every once in a while.

11. Play games with your kids that can help your kid learn about animals. For example, you can play Imagine or Spot the Differences jewels. This is a great game to play together with them and to make the time pass faster because you're focusing on something other than their game.

12. Let your kids interact with one another better by playing board games that require cooperation. Kids love animal games because it gives them a chance to work together as they learn how to communicate and solve problems on their own! For example, ask them if they'd like to be the snake or the fox – who can figure out which way they need to go?



Board games are fun for everyone, but kids love them especially since they can start with them from the very young age of 2 or 3. If your kid hasn't already discovered how much fun board games can be, then give these above tips a go and teach him or her to get creative in playing board games! If you're looking for more ideas on how to pamper your kids, check out our article '21 Kid-Friendly Spa Treatments and Gifts'.

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