How To Make Money On The Internet


 How To Make Money On The Internet

Desperate for a way to pay the bills and have a little extra cash at the end of every month? Then you're in luck! In this blog post, we'll be discussing different ways that you can make money on the internet, everything from saving money while shopping online to earning an income with surveys.

Most people are aware of how to make money from home. In fact, your local library carries a book titled "How To Make Money Making Furniture" or "How To Make Money From Home." Yet a lot of these people don't even realize that you can earn money on the internet as well.

Don't worry; we'll be discussing this in detail later on in the article. First, I want to talk about the different ways you can earn income online besides just working at home as an Internet-Based Mommy and Daddy Downloader:
Earning Income Online Beyond Working At Home
I'm going to throw out a few various ways that you can make money on the internet beyond working at home. Keep in mind that this list is far from comprehensive, but it should give you a good idea of how you can earn a little bit of extra money online.
For example, if you live in the US, and have an account , then you can click here to start selling your old textbooks for up to 90% of their original retail price! That's pretty sweet.
If you borrow books from the library instead of buying them and don't use your books anymore (or used them for notes), then why not give this program a shot? You'll be glad you did.
If you're into the whole internet marketing thing, then there's a good chance that you already know about affiliate marketing. In case you're not familiar with it, here's how it works: first, find a product that you would personally recommend to someone (because if you don't believe in what your endorsing and selling, neither will they). After finding this product, decide upon an affiliate link by placing the products' URL within your website or other pertinent online location. Then, you tag the affiliate URL with your site's URL, and link back to your site. Finally, simply wait until someone makes a purchase (which happens all the time) and then get paid!
While this sounds complicated at first, it really isn't. The main thing that you need in order to make money through affiliate marketing is a website - and if you already have one (like I do [link]), then all you need to do is use it to promote affiliate products that you're interested in.
If you're having trouble coming up with ideas for products to sell on your website or want some help promoting various affiliate products on the internet, then check out the List populated by my fellow bloggers .
If this sounds interesting to you, then check out my post on how to sell posters online and make money . In it I discuss how I started my own affiliate marketing business with absolutely no prior experience or skill whatsoever.
In order to drive traffic to your website, you need to get the word out about it. While this can be done through expensive advertising methods like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc., one of the best ways that you can get targeted traffic is through a blog. With a blog (and some SEO work), any site can get massive amounts of targeted visitors in just a few months - all for free!
One of my favorite ways to generate income online is through's Associates Program . I make pretty good money selling the things that I regularly use, and my blog gets a good amount of traffic as well.
If you want to learn more about blogging , then check out this post on how to start a blog .
If you're a student and live in the US, then there's no way that you could possibly make money off your school's textbooks. Right? Wrong! You can save tons of cash by buying used textbooks on Amazon (or any other online retailer) and reselling them on Amazon for up to 90% of their original price (and earn cash back if you have an Amazon Prime membership ).
While this is a very lucrative method, one must be aware that it most likely violates your university's policy regarding unauthorized textbook reselling. If you're caught doing this, then you most likely will be subject to expulsion. Proceed at your own risk!
If you live in the US and have a free account , then you can save even more cash by buying used textbooks directly from Amazon and having them shipped* to your house for free . Just think of how much cash you'll save by not having to travel down to the bookstore every time that you need a new textbook!
*This requires an Amazon Prime membership .
I'm sure that you've realized by now that I really enjoy saving money. Don't believe me? Then check out this post on how to save $4300/year  while still listed as an 'Important Working Mommy' in your local Seattle area.
If you enjoy saving money, then why not set up a personal finance blog where you can write about all of the interesting ways that you save money on a daily basis? After all, who doesn't love saving!
If you're serious about your savings, then check out LearnVest . I've written an entire post on how to get started with LearnVest's financial planning service.
While many people are not interested in writing blogs or making money off of advertisements, there are plenty of people who are interested in doing both! In fact, if you have ever considered blogging for free , then check out these 12 Free Blogging Sites . Nowadays it's easier than ever to start a blog without needing to pay anyone.
If you're just getting started blogging, then check out this post on How to Start a Blog for Free .
If you enjoy saving money and would like to learn more about personal finance , then why not write an eBook? You can sell it on's Kindle Store or through any other online retailer. In fact, their popular Chronicles series is one of the most widely read books on their site.


In conclusion, the best way to make money online is to start working for yourself and then choose a way to make money that you enjoy! Blogging is a good way to do this, but there are plenty of other methods that I don't know much about. With that said, I will always maintain a blog and continue to share information with my audience.
I've found that if you're working for yourself, then the more you work, the more free time you'll have. Therefore, I will definitely continue working on it.

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