How to Make Millions Playing Video Poker


 How to Make Millions Playing Video Poker

Bet a little or bet a lot? Do you want to play a hand with all the cards in your starting hand, or do you want to draw more cards? What is your strategy in making these decisions? If you're looking for the winning strategy for playing video poker, we have it.

In this post we'll outline expert strategies that can make you millions while playing video poker online.

Why play video poker?

While it's true that the odds for winning a hand of video poker are about 1 in 32, no one who has even played a few hands of standard poker would ever think to themselves, "I hate playing poker. I'm going to start playing video poker instead." Video poker is exciting and fun, even when you win money. Playing over 100 hands at once is an exciting and fun experience. Without any doubt video poker is the most exciting way to play casino games.

If you're not fortunate enough to have access to a casino, you can still play video poker online. Video poker is available online at several casinos for real-money play.

Our goal here is to provide some guidance on how best to play video poker and in doing so make some money while we are at it. We'll outline strategies that can be applied whether you're playing in a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino like Bet365 or Bovada. First, let's talk about the different kinds of video poker games available at casinos.

Video poker strategies

This chart is a good way to start thinking about the various video poker strategies. The first column shows the player's initial hand, while the next column shows what happens when you play that hand with a single coin bet. The third column shows how your winnings would be affected if you were to increase your bet to two coins per hand. The last column shows how your winnings would be affected if you were to double-down after getting your three cards in the initial deal.

The differences in strategy between various video poker varieties becomes apparent as soon as you look at these charts. There are four main types of video poker: five-card, three-card, high-symbols, and draw.

Five-card video poker (also known as "true" or "full tilt" video poker) is the game in which the player can always win with a hand consisting of five cards. Because each player is dealt five cards, all of them are theoretically going to be possible winners. The one exception that is made is when the fifth card on a winning hand does not qualify for aces full house or better. The remaining categories are referred to as "full house" and "high". All other combinations qualify for these hands under some circumstances.


Playing five-card video poker is not a good choice for making money. If you want to play a hand where you win, make sure it's a full house or nothing. You should never be tempted to increase your bets beyond one coin.

Three-card video poker (also known as "Deuces Wild") is similar to five-card in that the player can win on any three cards that are dealt, assuming no wild cards intervene. However, the range of combinations available with three cards is more limited than what can be accomplished with five cards because there are only 36 possible combinations of three cards drawn from a standard 52-card deck.

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