How To Increase Your Targeted Website Traffic


 How To Increase Your Targeted Website Traffic

If you are happy with the success of your website, why not make it better?

Visitors to your site can be lost forever. With every visit, they leave behind an invisible trail that tells search engines like Google what content they liked and what they didn't. These footprints are valuable because search engines like Google use them to determine the content on your website that users find most relevant. This is called "Google Search Engine Optimization." If you want to get more visitors, you need to increase foot traffic on your website by ways such as incentivizing readers for sharing links or expanding social media profiles so more people know about your site.

Using traffic surge – an online marketing tool, you can increase the traffic on your site. Free to sign up for, it offers tracking, analytics and other services that are very useful for businesses.

If you want more followers on Twitter, there are a number of tools like TweetAdder that will let you schedule tweets in advance and have them go out at regular times so it doesn't look like the same person is tweeting over and over again from your account. This helps to avoid being blocked by Twitter or having your page deleted altogether.

There are also browser add-ons like AdBlock that can help you prevent annoying ads from cluttering up your web pages.

However, let's face it: a lot of these tools are less than useful. They may do a greatjob of directing traffic to your websites, but in the rest of their operations they are simply scams. Even those who have promoted their products thoughtfully will admit that Google is able to track down the source of purchases through shopping search engines, and that Bing can find out where traffic is coming from through tracking cookies embedded in both the browser software and in the links to publishers' sites themselves.  
†. How Does Bing Track Your Online Activity? | GoToMyPC Blog [ARTICLE END]
3.0 Tools For Marketing
Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking popularity of your blog and what types of content users are responding to the most.
Facebook Insights is another good one that will let you see how many "likes" your Facebook posts are getting and how they are doing in terms of engagement, demographics, gender, location and more.
Twitter is also a great social media tool that can be used to track how many people you are reaching with your tweets and how many times you tweet about certain things each day so you can post more often without damaging your credibility as an author.
Giveaway Tools will help you set up and track giveaways that you run at your blog to increase followers and engagement with your work.
Social Media Buttons that are located on the top of your site can help you track how many fans you have on various social media networks.
Google Blog Search is another great tool for finding new audiences for your content based on keywords.
If you are looking to put a price tag on your writing, it can be a good idea to use an online calculator like this one so you have an idea of how much different factors can effect the total cost of production.
Don't overlook the benefits of advertising if it is worth it to get the message out about a product or something that will interest potential readers.


There are many ways to increase your daily traffic and improve your website. By following some of the advice from this article you will immediately see results in terms of targeted traffic for your site.
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