How to Find a Book Using Online Bookstores



 How to Find a Book Using Online Bookstores

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Ever wanted to find out more about a book before investing in it? Perhaps you want to know if it is considered “literary” enough for you or perhaps you are seeking the newest mystery novel by your favorite author. Local libraries can be helpful but they may not have certain titles in stock. Have no fear, there are many ways that you can search for books without ever having to leave your house.

Some of my favorite websites for finding books include Books-a-Million and Powell's Books, my personal favorites because they have a wide selection and allow users to narrow their search by genre. The best part is that these websites are free and easy to navigate.

Most of these sites will have a search bar at the top with “browse” and “search” buttons next to it.

Books-a-Million allows users to search by title, genre or ISBN number while Powell's Books allows users to search by title and author.

Once you have found a book, you can use other features on these websites to find out more about the author or book.

You can also see reviews, read excerpts and even look inside for a preview of what the text looks like! You may even be able to look up information about similar books.

Books-a-Million and Powell's Books are very useful sites for finding books, but there are even more ways to find books. There are websites that specialize in specific genres. The Book Seat has very comprehensive reviews of literary holdings, which is good if you’re interested in reading classics or topics like history, science or politics.

Books-a-Million also has an online store where users can purchase any book they want. It's especially useful if you want a new book immediately!

Barnes & Noble, though it does not have as wide of a selection as Books-a-Million or Powell's Books, is still a fairly reliable site to use for finding books online. It also includes book reviews, which is helpful if you want to know what others think of the book.

Books-a-Million and Barnes & Noble both have affiliate programs that allow users to search for books by accessing affiliated bookstores. You can search for a specific title or search for a broader range of books related to a topic you want to read about.

Books-a-Million allows users to find books that have been adapted into movies as well as those that have been nominated for awards, including the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award.

Biblio is another online bookstore that has good reviews of literary holdings and provides other useful information like biographical sketches of the authors and their works.

Biblio allows users to look up books and find related articles. This is very helpful if you’re curious about certain books or want to find some information about a particular author.

Dedicated Authors and Publishers

Most bookstores have dedicated areas where they display the latest novels or best sellers, so it’s easy to find authors that you like. Many libraries also have special sections for authors of various genres which are helpful for finding out what they think of certain writers and their works.

Amazon is a great place for finding other books as well as finding information on specific writers, including their endorsements of different books and their ratings on Amazon.


There are many ways to find books online and more are being created everyday. Online bookstores have made it easy to find books and several websites specialize in different genres of writing, so you can narrow your search even further. However, if you are still unsure of what kind of book you want to read, just ask a librarian or a friend who reads a lot; they will get you very good recommendations!

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