Getting Started Making Money On The Internet: Finding Your Passion


 Getting Started Making Money On The Internet: Finding Your Passion

If you've ever wanted to make money with your passion, getting started on the internet may be exactly what you need. In this article, we'll talk about finding your passion, what it requires to become successful online, and some ideas on how to get started.

What is a great way to find out what you're passionate about? Sometimes our passions are obvious, but other times we just need a little help. Luckily for us there are plenty of ways that can come in handy - from app tests and book reviews to free online courses and even something like an interview with someone who's already doing what you want to do! Let's start by taking a look at the different ways people have found their passions online.

Guest Post by: David Di Laura
Content Marketing Specialist at
One of the best ways to discover what your passion is is to start a blog or website, or use free online tools like Blogger. We used Blogger to create our website . Finding our passion in blogging was pretty easy - we both started blogs because we were interested in technology and blogging has become a very lucrative career path for bloggers! By doing this, we learned that two of the most popular topics that generate advertisement revenue are technology news and SEO/SEM (search engine marketing). This is what prompted us to start . It combines technology news with tips on internet marketing and web hosting. We started BlueHost because we are passionate about helping other people make money online.
Discovery Activities
Now let's look at the discovery process for a more difficult passion to figure out, like interior design. I personally have a passion for interior design. I enjoy creating beautiful and functional spaces for people to live in. So when I set out to find out why everyone doesn't do what I do, here is the process that led me to my discovery:
Step 1: Decide what you want to find out
I asked myself; "Why don't more people pursue interior design as a career?" So here's the process on how we discovered our passion:
- Get information - Ask yourself questions - Go back and get more information - Learn from great examples Step 2: Find resources
Here's what we did for our discovery:
1. We asked friends if they knew of anyone who did interior design, and we also checked with people on Facebook.
2. We browsed the internet for websites of interior designers, and checked out craigslist for ads that pointed us to local interior designers. Step 3: Dive into everything you can find
When we first started to look into things we quickly realized that there are a lot of people out there with the same passion as us! That made us feel really good! However, after reading about them and searching far enough through the online world, we found that it's not necessarily an easy career to make money from.
Step 4: Be creative!
We found that there were a lot of ways to make money online. We realized that, as well as making money from advertising, we could find clients, and still have the freedom to do what we love best - interior design.
What skills do you need?
Many people believe that just because they have a passion for something they'll be successful, but in order for this to work you need certain skills:
1. The right profession (considering all the things needed beyond marketing!) 2. The ability to think like a client 3. The ability to create business plans 4. The ability to follow through with these plans 5. Research skills 6. Time management skills 7. A thick skin 8. A creative attitude 9. The ability to think outside the box 10. The ability to learn and grow as times change What do you need from people?
How do you find out what people want to pay for? You can look at what they're paying for already, or find out what they'd like to be doing and what they would pay for if it was available.
Step 1: Find out what is hot in your area
The internet is full of ways to check the pulse of the world around you. Use these resources:
1. Do a search for "top news" in your area on Google News... This will bring you the most recent newsworthy stories. 2. Find out what skills people want to learn in your area at LinkedIn - I know, not everyone likes or uses LinkedIn, but you have to admit it does help find great careers and prospects for getting involved in the industry around you. 3. Do a search for "top blogs" in your area on BlogPulse . Although it's not updated as often as it should be, this site still ranks high on results pages. 4. Find out what people are searching for in your area on Google Trends .
How do you find people to approach?
We all have friends and family members who can help us with our passion. Do you know any interior designers, or anyone involved in the industry around you? Here's how we found people to talk to:
1. We asked others for their input. 2. We did searches using search terms like "interior designers" on craigslist. 3. We looked at the websites of different interior designers in our area, and clicked through their sites until we found contact information for them 4. We've also tried Craigslist and LinkedIn in the past to find people who are interested in finding out more about interior design. What can you offer?
Step 1: Find out what people are paying for
Use these resources to get ideas of what people want or can use:
1. A search for "top news" in your area on Google News will help you find out what people want in your area. 2. If you feel comfortable, call up some businesses around your area and ask them about the areas that they're having problems with. 3.

Conclusion of Passion Discovery
It might take you a while to decide on your passion, but it's important that you do. One of the reasons I started BlueHost was because I was passionate about helping people make money online. If I had been passionate about something else, for example accounting, then I would have done something different. It's important to determine your passions and figure out what you want before setting out on a discovery process. You don't want to discover your passion after you've already invested all the time and energy into starting a business or career path, only to find that it wasn't what you truly wanted all along.
Check back soon for the next article on Passion that will focus on finding your true passion...

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