Get A Web Hosting Merchant Account


 Get A Web Hosting Merchant Account

There are a number of variables that can play into the process of getting your website hosted. For starters, you should know there are two types of hosting: Shared and Dedicated. Thankfully, we’ve researched all the we could find that match your criteria and have outlined them below.

We've tried to compile all the information you'll need in order to make an informed decision about what's best for your situation, so take a look at each one and see which one sounds like it would work for you!

There is no such thing as a personal preference when it comes to choosing from among these web hosting merchant accounts because they all do essentially the same things. However, the differences may be more about what you can control rather than what you can't.

It's important to take a look at all of the options if possible so that you don't end up just taking the first merchant account offer that comes your way. By understanding how all these merchant accounts work, you'll be able to save money and make sure that you get the most reasonable web hosting services for your business!

The Best Merchant Account Choice For You
We have assembled our findings in an easy to follow format where we have outlined, step by step, how each company offers their services. This will help you understand exactly how they operate and what exactly they are providing for instance domain names or web hosting accounts.

We suggest that you read through the entire article because you'll be able to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best merchant account for your needs. We're confident that we can help you find the best merchant account choice for your business.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Merchant Account For Your Business:
Now, let's take a look at what factors are important when deciding on which merchant account is best for your small or medium-sized business. Along with this, we will also list some of the worst merchant accounts which will be helpful for your research.

These are the main factors that will help you decide which merchant account is the right one for you:

Web Hosting Account Features Low Transaction Fees Easy To Understand Contracts Extensive Technical Support Free Domain Name Free WhoIs Privacy Affordable Web Site Builder

Let's take a look at some merchant accounts that may or may not be right for your business. It's important to concentrate on the features of each merchant account before making a decision so that you don't end up wasting money by paying more than you need to.

Merchant Account Summaries: Let's Take A Look At The Merchant Accounts In More Detail...
Online Business Center – Well Known Web Hosting Provider
Sign Up Fee: $249/year
Transfer Step-Up: $99/year
Fees Included In Annual Plan (Per Month): Domain Transfer, SSL, e-mail, Easy Website Builder and more... Plus other services that are not listed.
BizHost – Professional Online Business Site Builder House
Sign Up Fee: $999/year or $50 monthly fee and up to $200 annual budgeting fee with a discount of 30% for the first year.
Fees Included In Annual Plan (Per Month): Domain Transfer, SSL, e-mail and more... Plus other services that are not listed.

Online Business Center has a great user interface and some free solutions available, which makes it a good choice for those who are willing to pay. However, the fact that you have to pay $50 monthly fee or more annually is a downer because if you're not planning to use all of the features then you will be wasting money in the long run. BizHost is also a good option as it has an affordable domain fee with an additional discount for new customers, however, the monthly fee is too high and will end up costing you more than what Online Business Center offers.

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