Get a top 10 ranking without paying a cent


 Get a top 10 ranking without paying a cent

Nobody likes to pay for something they can get for free. So, what if you could get the top 10 ranking on Google without paying a cent? It's possible – just follow these steps.

1) Pick a keyword that you want to rank for.
2) Spend a few minutes setting up your site and ensuring the content is relevant and original enough to rank.
3) Optimize your site with good quality backlinks from trusted websites until it becomes one of the top 100 sites in its category (or better). This will help show Google who is referring traffic to your website and convince them that you are an authority on that particular topic.

4) Write quality, original content that is inspiring, entertaining or educational. Include links to your own pages throughout the article so Google knows it's a quality site.

5) Share this article and let people know about it. If you're interested in finding out more, feel free to use the comments on this blog post or contact me at to learn more about SEO and Social Media Marketing.
How can we be so sure that this method works? Well, we're not actually certain how Google ranks sites... but they do! This process has been working for years for many sites and blogs all over the world (including my own!).
This method is based on organic SEO , which is a process that allows your site to rank higher in Google. It's not a snazzy, trendy method like PPC or affiliates marketing, but it's extremely effective and perfectly legal.
Now, I know what you're thinking: "My site contains original content; why should I bother with this method?" For many sites, especially large brands that have thousands of pages of information on their site, original content is very important. However, for smaller sites (like yours), the amount of content on your site far outweighs the need to find new and original material.
On many sites, only a small percentage of the content is original. The rest of the content is borrowed from other websites, paid for, or just plain copy/pasted from somewhere else – all with no links or reputation to back it up.
For optimized infographics, you don't need to write an article on the topic; just create an infographic image and link to it on your blog. For other types of sites (like this blog), a good amount of original content is needed simply to show Google that you know what you're doing.
Why does this work? This method has become extremely popular because it's 100% legal and works very well (as proven by the fact that other websites are doing it). If you go the PPC or affiliates route, you're essentially promoting other websites that you probably don't know very well and won't be able to control very well. How can I trust this? You can trust me because I'm an expert in the SEO field! I've been working with clients on SEO and social media marketing for the last 9 years (and have been paid to write about it on many different websites).
If this method doesn't work for your site, just check out my full review of Google's tactics , which outlines a few more alternatives to making money online. In conclusion, if you're ready to begin an exciting new journey, contact me .

There are plenty of great opportunities to make money online without having to pay for advertising, affiliate marketing or Google AdSense. If you want to learn more about ways you can make money without compromising your values, contact me , learn how to write a book , or read my full review of Google's tactics .
I guess the next step is to go try it out! To find out more, visit my blog at: and click on the navigation tab above. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this method and what I could improve upon in the future. I also really appreciate any comments that will help me improve my articles.

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