Get 900 plus oneway links for Free


 Get 900 plus oneway links for Free

Link building has always been a pain and you're doing it wrong. Getting a link should be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, and this article will show you how to do just that. This article is about the easiest way to get oneway links for free which can also boost your SEO efforts. So if you’re looking for some free one way links, check out the guide below.

We all know that link building is hard work but it doesn't have to be when we follow this technique! You'll get your first oneway link in recently released . . .  5 minutes! Your second one within a week.
The name of this technique was inspired by the original article, "How to Get an Oneway Link so fast it'll make your head spin." In that article James says he will build you a link of 1,000 backlinks and within five minutes he builds you another link of 500 for your 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This technique works for any search engine, and if you do use the name "chain builder" they may ban your account from linking.
Here at Solo Builders we know that there is no way you will get that many links within five minutes so it was referred to as 'the chain builder' instead. The way this works is simple. We get a bunch of one way links from one site, then use them on another website that's already got some links and repeat the process until we have built a whole chain of 1,000 backlinks.
The images above are example of how the chain builder technique can be used to build a link list with pretty much any website. These are all free links that we get from the same website.
Step 1
Get at least 5 or more one way links from a site that already has a backlink profile. I used to use the website, 'Learn How To Make Money Online' as my source of one way links and they have a decent amount of backlinks so they're perfect for this technique. 
Step 2 
Use those first 5 one way links on your target site and then build another link chain using the same technique. This time think about where you're going to get your backlinks from because once those links on your target site have been used you'll need a new source so think about another website that has a lot of backlinks.
Step 3
Use your next 5 one way links on your target site and build another link chain again. Once again, think about where you're going to get the links from this time, but this is the last time we'll be able to use the chain builder technique because you will now be able to see in your Google Webmaster Tools that there is a link spam issue going on.
I'm sure we all know that Google likes it when we build natural links.


Now you should have two links to your website if you didn't already using the natural link technique I mentioned in the beginning [START]. 
James says that after 100 one way links he's able to get 500 more and within a week we're generating another 500. You'll need to keep it up for a few weeks but I guarantee you will get all of your oneway links in under five minutes and no spam blacklists will be an issue.
I hope this helps you with getting some free backlinks for your website, or if it doesn't I would love to know what do.

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