Funny gifts, gags and pranks


 Funny gifts, gags and pranks

Gifts, gags and pranks have been around as long as humans have. Going back in time, the ancient Egyptians are known to have played practical jokes on each other by putting a dead cat in the place of an enemy's cat. They used this strategy to get their enemies off guard so they could then destroy them. There was also the prank called "Honey Trap", where you trick your girlfriend into falling in love with another man and then telling your new lover that he must marry her or she'll tell her old lover his secret — like that he was gay! That is why we always say never to trust a woman, but never trust anyone who doesn't play jokes on friends either.
Today I came across a website called "Funny Gifts, Gags and Pranks" which has a whole list of funny gifts, gags and pranks to make people laugh. This is the kind of thing you would expect to see on television. The site is run by a group of girls from England who create and sell pranks at the same time. Some are so funny that you'll fall out your chair laughing! You can try some of these gags out by visiting the site at:
- I am sick of cleaning up my mess. So I decided to buy myself a Walkman that cleans up its mess for me. I put it in a public restroom cupboard and waited for someone to check it out. A few minutes later someone came in and tried to use the machine but then he heard a voice saying: "For best results, please close cupboard door". It made me crack up when I heard it!
- What am I thinking? Well, this is a great joke to try on someone you like. This is what you do: Call him/her and pretend you're thinking of them. Then ask him/her what he/she's doing at that moment. If the person says something like "eating lunch", ask if he/she wants to share your lunch with you. Then ask him/her to send you a photo of what he/she's eating. When the person sends the picture, tell him/her to eat up real fast and then put some food on your face and take another photo. Tell him/her that you're all done eating now. When he/she asks what you're doing, tell him/her that you've eaten all your food. In the last photo you'll have a full mouth of food on your face. You can imagine how hilarious this is going to be!
- This is a great prank to play on friends who always like talking about themselves or people who are easily impressed with fake news stories. What you need to do is to tell him/her about a new scientific discovery that has been released recently. Tell him/her about how scientists found a new dinosaur in Namibia with golden scales and how its feet are so powerful it can run at 80mph and how its eggs are worth around $3,000. Tell your friend the name of the dinosaur and describe it in great detail. When he/she asks you where you heard this, just say "from a radio news article." The next time he/she talks about the news, ask him/her whether or not he/she knows that there's a new species of dinosaur called ______ (the name of the one you told him).

- The site's purpose is to offer customers with a vast range of wonderful gifts perfect for surprising your loved ones. It gives you the ability to do all manner of jokey things to friends and family. You can be as naughty as you like when it comes to playing pranks on people, as long as they are not serious. There are so many opportunities for having fun with these gags and pranks that it is easy to get carried away and have too much fun in one day!

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