Free Online People Search: A Priceless Convenience


 Free Online People Search: A Priceless Convenience

In the Internet age, information is more abundant and widely available than ever before. One of the dominant ways that people now access this wealth of information is through search engines. In the past, if someone wanted to find a person, they generally had to visit a public record office or hire an expensive private investigator. Nowadays, it's as easy as typing in their name into a search engine and waiting for the results to load.

The consequences are immense; not only can this kind of free online people search be used by anyone with internet access but it can also act as a powerful tool against abuse and crime...

Some people like the idea of being able to find a person and track their movements in order to catch them in the act of committing a fraudulent activity, but others feel as though this is an invasion of privacy. Although both sides have valid points, it's clear that this technology is here to stay. How we choose to use it is up to us.

One of the most valuable features that free online people search offers involves traditional online dating sites and social networking websites. Anyone who has experience with online dating knows that these sites are notorious for having fake profiles containing either semi-nude or nude photos and outright lies about appearance and personality. Although the majority of users of this kind of site are looking for a real relationship, it's impossible to tell who is on there for what reason.

A free online people search that combines facial recognition technology and social networking profiles can be used to weed out the fakes and expose any potential predators that may be using these sites to find victims. On these sites -- especially dating sites -- scammers often target people who are going through a hard time in their life or are hurting emotionally. They usually do this by either making connections with them on Facebook or creating a fake profile and pretending to be their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

People that are interested in exposing a sexual predator that is using a dating site should start by creating a profile for themselves and then searching for the potential target's social networking profiles. If you find their profile, then post something on it (in an alias account) like "Hey [surname], I miss you! Remember how much fun we had together???" and wait for the target's response. If they don't respond or if they ask you to call them, that should be suspicious. A concern that many people have regarding this kind of technique is that it could be used by hackers looking to steal information from victims' personal web pages. However, with some careful thought and planning, it's possible to use this kind of free online people search to track the movements of predators without putting the victims in any kind of danger.

Basic free online people searches are also useful for investigating crimes such as identity theft, tax fraud and child pornography. Many criminals have used social networking sites to contact victims in the past or they've created fake profiles on such sites that are meant for their own personal use. If you think that you may have been contacted by a criminal or if you're worried that someone you know is using sites like these for illegal purposes, check out their profile online to see what kind of information they've put on there.

In many cases, it's easy to tell based on the photos and other posted material if the profile belongs to a predator or not. Make sure that you don't post anything incriminating about yourself on your social networking profiles because there's no telling when law enforcement might want to use this information against your during an investigation.

Many people are also interested in learning more about their ancestry and where they're from. This is why many of the free online people search engines also tend to have a search feature that looks at names and locations (among other things) and returns results that are connected to them.

For example, if you're interested in your family tree and you think that your ancestors may have lived in a certain location, simply type their name into the search engine along with the name of the city or town where you think they might have come from. There's no telling what kind of information you'll be able to find! You may even learn some clues about who your biological parents were and how far back in your family tree this kind of information goes.

As more people begin to learn about the benefits of using this kind of free online people search that are purely for personal reasons, it's likely that they may begin to enjoy the powerful results that it can provide. This kind of internet research is better than ever before and can provide satisfaction for many different kinds of users...

Follow-up: Free Online People Search: A Priceless Convenience
Free online people search... A priceless convenience? [ARTICLE] The Internet has made a lot of things easier, but free online people search is still as hard to find as ever. Still not sure which one is the best? Read on...

Follow-up: A Practical Guide to Using Free Online People Search on the Internet
Free online people search... A priceless convenience? [ARTICLE] The Internet has made a lot of things easier, but free online people search is still as hard to find as ever. Still not sure which one is the best? Read on...
This article was updated in March of 2010: Free Online People Search: A Priceless Convenience Why is free online people search so hard to find? Have you ever tried searching for something and gotten no results at all, or maybe just a single one with zero matches? I've done that, and I'm here to tell you why it bothers me so much.
First of all, free online people search is really hard to look up - even when you know where to look.
Trying to figure out how to use free online people search can be frustrating. That's why I wrote this article.
Free online people search is a HUGE convenience! Why do I feel the need to tell you all this? Well, the only way that I found for me to use a free online people search engine was when my fiancée used it on her computer. She had just started researching her family tree.
The more she did the more her research expanded, and she needed a way to search through everything. I was helping her out with this, but it was not easy on my own computer. It takes quite a bit of time to go through all of the information that I have stored on my computer.
When I finally got tired of trying to figure out how to use free online people search on my own computer (which is by no means a super-fast machine) I decided that it would be worth it for me to ask her what site she used.

The reason that I'm so sure that my wife's site is the best site for doing free online people search is that it is the only one where I have ever gotten a response. The response that I got from there was by far the most detailed and helpful of any of the ones that I have found. It told me about research that she had done for her family tree, and even though it made her nervous to take credit for her family's history, it was no less useful than if someone else had done it.
Her research led to other research on my part, which led to more family research, which led to huge discoveries about myself as well as about some of my ancestors.

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