Free Is Good! Five Ways To Give Away Free Stuff And See Website Traffic Increase


 Free Is Good! Five Ways To Give Away Free Stuff And See Website Traffic Increase

There's a lot of ways you can give away free stuff to people and see an increase in website traffic. So what? Well, by giving away free content you'll be providing that content for people who may not have been willing to pay for it. And by doing so you'll be attracting more people to your site, which will then translate into more customers!

Here are five easy ways for you or your organization to give away some free stuff as well as increase the website traffic:

1) Insert links at the bottom of blog posts with related products that readers might want to buy.

2) Create a "newsletter" and offer it to customers of your online products.

3) Write a post with content on it that is helpful to people who would not have been likely to pay for the information. (Provide free information about how to do something that you sell or some other related content). This will increase your web traffic and provide you with another source of income.

4) Provide a free product or service in exchange for email addresses so that they can sign up for your newsletter, which is another way for you to make money by providing people with free stuff. (TIP: Create a simple questionnaire that has nothing personally identifying about it such as name, address etc. and have the person who is registering to get the free thing answer these questions. You can then use this information to add them to your newsletter.)

5) Allow people to sign up on your mailing list or subscribe via RSS feed for free content. This will drive traffic to your site and show you what your readership is interested in reading.

There are many more ways that you can provide free stuff as well as increase traffic on your website. By following these five suggestions you'll be on your way! [ARTICLE END]

The article goes on to say that you should create a simple questionnaire and give away something in exchange for email addresses. While this is a good idea, the problem is that it's a well-known idea. The email list provider Aweber does this. It's not good for you to just copy someone else and try to get away with it.

If you're going to promote anything in this article, it should be your own product! By promoting your own product, you will be showing that you know what you're talking about and that people should trust your advice. So instead of creating a simple questionnaire, create some sort of video series or report showing people how to get the free stuff mentioned in the article.

Another thing I noticed in this article was many of the links he provided went nowhere and didn't do anything. You'd be better off writing your own article about these tips and promoting it via Google AdWords, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also create a special webpage that talks about the free stuff you'll be giving away that will increase website traffic. I would also recommend reading over your article and watching it for typos and other errors!

As an example, here's an article I wrote about a few ways to promote your book on Amazon: How to Promote Your Book on Amazon Kindle : 7 Steps (with Pictures) .


It's important to know what the Google AdSense program is and how it works. The goal of this post was to let you understand the basics of AdSense as well as look at places where you can place ads. This post wasn't supposed to be a tutorial on how to create and implement AdSense ads, but I do discuss ways you can create your own customized ads that will increase website traffic with Google.

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