Fraud Protection And E-commerce


 Fraud Protection And E-commerce

It's tough for Amazon sellers to stay on top of every new fraud protection technique that takes the E-commerce industry by storm. Here's a quick primer on the most important ones to make sure you're always safeguarded from fraudulent buyers and transactions.

*Don't reveal your selling location: Be aware, people might be able to determine your physical address through your shipping details if they know where you live or are familiar with your neighborhood.

*Avoid meeting in person: Meeting in person can lead to additional opportunities for fraud when it comes to things like fake IDs, forgeries, and even violence. It also leaves you vulnerable if someone's using a stolen credit card or checking account when paying for an item from Amazon .

*Don't ship an item with your personal package: It's hard to believe that some sellers still do this, but if you're shipping a product to a buyer from Amazon and they want it sent with your own personal package, it can be very easy for someone to steal the other product since they're already in possession of your package.

*Don't email too much: No one wants to read emails hour after hour on end from sellers who clearly have nothing better to do than spam buyers who are waiting on their products. Don't send multiple follow-up emails and try not to do it regularly. If you have a shipping tracking question or concern, you can email once and then give them time to respond.

*Meet in a public place: For a pickup, meet at the buyer's nearest post office or in the parking lot of a police station or somewhere busy and public. The most important thing is that you're not alone in case someone pulls out a weapon.

*Be aware of the situations where shipping to an Amazon FBA fulfilment center is recommended: This can be great for sellers who don't have much experience with shipping since it means you have someone else take care of it for you. Unfortunately, if your orders are worth thousands of dollars and the fulfillment center isn't secure, there's always more room for error.

*Never ship an item through the mail or UPS: This is another common practice, and it's an easy way for fraudsters to steal your package. UPS has had fraud issues in the past, too. Amazon has had issues with people opening packages and stealing items that have been shipped there, so it's best to avoid it. Use common sense when shipping in bulk to a fulfillment center. It may not be as convenient as shipping directly to someone's house at your convenience, but it's safer for everyone involved. [ Article Info ]

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Fraud Protection And E-commerce
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Tags: Amazon FBA Fraud Protection, Amazon Seller Fraud Protection Program , Fraud Protection And E-commerce , Sellers Beware Fraud Protection .
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                 There have been many fraudulent transactions on eBay in the past few years, unfortunately. There are good ways to avoid being a victim of fraud that sellers can use to protect themselves and their customers from having their credit card numbers stolen. The most common technique used by scammers is called "carding.

Carding is when a stolen credit card number is run through a bunch of online retailers to see if any orders are successfully placed. If you're aware of this and still ship to buyers without asking for a valid form of identification, you could end up being the victim of credit card fraud. [ Article Info ]
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