Foxy Retailers take on the supermarkets and win


 Foxy Retailers take on the supermarkets and win

We are slowly seeing the rise of small, independent retailers in our society. Old school giants such as supermarkets and grocery stores are no longer the only shopping destinations, especially in a city like London where the sheer abundance of boutiques makes it hard to choose what to buy. With this shift has come an increase in popularity for grab-and-go shops and markets across the city.

Just recently, The Foxy Retailers Experience was founded by multi-award winning entrepreneur Raphael Choez, offering insight into what it takes to run a successful shop from opening to closing.

Upon entering the market, one is immediately met with the scent of fresh coffee wafting through the air, beckoning the hungry mouths of shoppers to come forth and sample a cup. Once inside, customers are greeted by smiling staff who are knowledgeable about each and every product within their shop. They are able to inform customers about the origin of their products; where they come from, what they are made of and how it can restoke a person's soul with just one bite or sip.

"People don't want an impersonal shopping experience anymore," says Raphael Choez. "They want something that speaks to their interests and personality. The Foxy Retailer Experience is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and want to experience something unique."

After a short introduction, each customer is matched with one of the store's very own personal shopper assistants who are there to help you navigate their carefully selected product line. Each shopper assistant has been carefully trained in every aspect of Foxy Retailers including how to suggest and recommend products based on your unique tastes and personality. They become your number one assistant throughout your entire shopping trip.

"Our goal is to bridge the gap between online and offline retailing," says Raphael Choez. "Online retailers can't give customers that face-to-face interaction that we provide here at Foxy Retailers. They're number one priority is to deliver a product as quickly and as cheaply as possible. We understand customer service and strive to provide a personalized experience for all our customers."

Every trip to Foxy Retailers is a unique one, with the inventory changing regularly. Short trips are encouraged and no purchase is too small for a potential customer. As Raphael Choez says, "We don't believe in up selling or pressuring customers into buying more than they need. That's why we made sure we have an abundance of everything in our store. You can buy just one item or twenty items; whatever makes you happy. We are here to help you discover new products that you may not have tried before, and to make you feel relaxed and carefree in our store." The store also serves as a spot where one can get a cold drink, a snack or even a slice of cake.

The Foxy Retailers are open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am-9pm. There's no need for reservations, but if you're craving their morning cocktails or snacks by the end of the week come visit on Sunday from 12-6pm. You can find more information about the company online.


We love it when small independent shops are able to go up against the big boys and win by offering something that they cannot. We wish Raphael, and the team at Foxy Retailers all the best of luck. We hope to see another store popping up in London sometime soon. This is a great marketing tool to showcase what smaller brands have to offer, it provides the public with a chance to interact with the products in a way that wasn't possible before ecommerce took over.

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