Five Proven Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Site


 Five Proven Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Every business needs traffic to their site in order to see the benefits of an online presence. It's not enough for your site to be informative, it needs to be seen by others as well. This article will give you five strategies that can help you increase your traffic and get all the benefits of an online presence.

Inbound marketing has become a popular way for companies to generate more traffic and leads, but it's not the only way. These five strategies can help ensure that your content is seen by more people and is shared across social media channels.

1. Create a Few Content Pieces That Go Viral

However, if you really want to generate a lot of traffic it's best to have some very popular content pieces that go viral. The more people that share your content, the larger your audience will become. You can create a few of these viral pieces by writing about topics that are related to your business and sharing videos or graphics that relate to the topics being discussed in each post. Sharing new video content and infographics every few weeks is a great way to keep people coming back to your site and promote your brand in the process. These tips can help you stay top of mind for future clients and help generate more leads for your business.

2. Start a Newsletter

This is one of the easiest ways to keep people coming back to your site and ensure that you have new content being shared across social media channels. Email newsletters are a great way to promote your business and share links to your favorite content pieces. While most people assume that an email newsletter is something only used by large companies, this is simply not true. An email newsletter can help you create relationships with prospective new clients and leads while simultaneously promoting your products or services. It's also an excellent way to stay top of mind for past clients. You can provide them an update on what you're up to or how things have been since they last did business with you.

3. Work on Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to promote your business and share content pieces with a large audience. You should be creating content for your social media channels on a regular basis so that you can reach those that actually use the platform. This ensures that your content will be seen by many more people. You can also create blog posts for each of your social media channels, but these posts should only go out when you have new content to promote. Content produces traffic, and more traffic means more visitors to your site. There are several great apps and tools available which will help you manage your social media accounts, so don't worry if you don't have any experience with this area of marketing. These apps and tools will help you keep track of what's going on and also make writing new blog posts for each social media channel a lot easier.

4. Encourage Sharing Online

The only way to get more traffic is by encouraging others to share your content. The best way to encourage sharing is through social media marketing or by having a dedicated page on your site that encourages sharing. You can create this page in any number of ways, but the most popular methods are using a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account. If you run one of these pages you can also draw people's attention to it by including links to your blog posts and other relevant content pieces. If you can get people to view your content and then share it on their social media channels, then you're in for some serious traffic.

5. Create Content That People Actually Want to Share

If you want to increase the amount of traffic that comes to your site and encourage people to share your content, the best way is to create content that is relevant and useful for a lot of people. People will be far more likely to share your content if they see that they will receive many benefits from doing so. Try making your blog posts answering questions asked by other visitors or including images that show how other's have benefited from buying your products.


Inbound marketing is a very useful tool that can help you gain more traffic, but there are other ways to promote your site as well. These five strategies will help you create content that people actually want to share and will also ensure that your business grows over time. It's important for all businesses to advertise their products and services in this modern era, but it's even more important for the businesses who have the most impressive products and services to continue promoting them. Social media marketing is a great way of doing this because it allows anyone with an internet connection to present themselves brand new clients or potential new customers in just a few minutes.

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