Five Inexpensive Ways to Generate Targeted Website Traffic


 Five Inexpensive Ways to Generate Targeted Website Traffic

If you're already running a website, you know how hard it can be to get new visitors to visit. This is why we've put together this list of five ways that you can cheaply generate targeted website traffic. Whether you want to increase your social media presence or purchase more ad space, there's a solution for every budget!

1) By Running Your Own Blog Comment Campaigns: Blog comment campaigns are a great way to increase your site's visibility on search engine results pages and build up some authority in the eyes of Google. You might not have much money in the budget, but that means all the more more comments to leave!
2) With PPC Advertising: Paid advertising is another popular way to attract traffic. There are plenty of free and cheap ways to advertise online, such as Google Adwords. Perhaps you're looking to spend a little more? Perfect! Pay per click advertising is a great way to generate traffic from targeted keywords that you can use on your ad copy.
3) By Posting on High-Traffic Websites: You might not have a high traffic website, but that doesn't mean you can't make money with it. The key to this type of advertisement is being found by people that do have high-traffic sites and posting on them! This means posting both old and new content. Since high-traffic websites are usually well optimized, your content will be easily seen (and probably shared!).
4) By Using Social Media: Social media is often overlooked as a means to generate traffic. That's because there are many free and paid options for social media advertising. You can advertise on social media using hashtags, such as #hotdog or #cooking. You can also promote your content in front of people who already engage with your specific niche (this is done through advanced targeting, and is usually found in the header of the social site).
5) With Online Directory Advertising: The final option that you have at your disposal are directory advertisements. This type of advertising is becoming an increasingly popular way to find great websites. The power of a directory ad is the list of websites that connects to it. If someone searches for a specific topic and doesn't find your site listed, how can they continue to use the search engine? Having a website in a directory means there's always an opportunity to bring in traffic!
Sometimes you just need more than one way to generate targeted website traffic. This is when having different "flavors" of targeted website traffic can be helpful. By posting on different websites and promoting your content in different ways, you'll find that each campaign works very differently. The best thing to do is experiment with different ways of generating traffic and figure out what type of advertising will work best for you.
When all else fails, you always have the more traditional method of generating website traffic: advertising! If you're ready to take your online presence to the next level, try our quality directory ads for a brand new website powered by! Click here and take advantage of this great opportunity today!
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In summary, these are the five ways I see people generating website traffic:
1) Blog Comment Campaigns
2) PPC Advertising
3) Posting on High-Traffic Websites
4) Social Media Advertising
5) Directory Advertising By using one or more of these methods, you'll be able to attract new website visitors to your site. These visitors will either (a) come back and continue reading your blog (b) come back and buy something from you (c) come back and leave a review on your site (d) or simply repeat the process with someone else who found your content useful.

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