Finding Your Ecommerce Cranny on the Web


 Finding Your Ecommerce Cranny on the Web

If you are looking for a new online opportunity, it is likely you have taken a break and will be venturing to the internet hunting for an ecommerce cranny. It's only natural to want to squint in the sun because your work looks so boring.

But this time, instead of jotting down notes that could quickly become outdated, why not take some time and learn more about what’s out there? This blog post has 37 websites that can help you get started! They cover areas such as marketing, programming, design and development but they are all designed with one thing in mind: getting paid.

It's not all 99-cent deals or free fonts. You can find plenty of valuable resources through these websites. If you need a product for your next ecommerce project, you'll start thinking about your potential client in a very different way. I hope these 37 websites will help you begin to think outside the box and look at your own product as an opportunity to make money online.

How do I get started? The first step is to check out each site and see what they offer. Look at the links in the table below for ideas on where to look next.

First, I'd like to mention that  a lot of these websites are front-ends for paid membership sites. The reality is that you can't possibly go through every website on the list, so my intention was merely to highlight some of the better ones.

Now that you've got a bunch of websites narrowed down, pick out a couple you like and start exploring. I found it'd be easier to get started with these sites if you set your sights on one or two specific niche ideas that will help you make money from ecommerce in the future. On this list, I have included multiple ideas ranging from fashion and beauty to tech related topics. Check out the links and find something that fits your needs.

Once you've got a niche in mind, start exploring the websites I suggested above. If you've got a few ideas already, remember to start with the smaller websites first. If you use free fonts on your website, go check out Typekit ( ). They offer over a thousand beautiful free fonts.  If you need a design for your website, check out IconFactory ( ). They have hundreds of ready-made icons and can be purchased through Paypal. If you need to start paying some bills, try Envato ( ) for premium WordPress themes, plugins and much more.


Above all, remember that ecommerce is about creating value for your customers. You're not looking for the cheapest price, you want to provide top quality products and services that complement what you sell. Once you've got a niche, start working on your website so you can start thinking about the products you are going to market for it.

And remember this:  ecommerce is fun! It can be incredibly lucrative. It's all up to you and I'd love to hear about any success stories in the comments below!

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