Finding an Affordable Prom Dress


 Finding an Affordable Prom Dress

Finding an affordable prom dress can be a real challenge in most parts of the country. Luckily, we've put together a list of five sites and apps to check out and hopefully help you find a great deal.

1) PromGirl: PromGirl is one of the oldest online sources for dresses that are just as affordable as they come -- no more than £100 ($137). You'll definitely get your money's worth with their exclusive deals and free shipping on all orders over $150 ($232).

2) H&M: Just as you'd expect from your favourite retailer, H&M offers all styles and sizes of dresses at an affordable price. With a variety of brands available and a great rewards program, there's no reason not to shop at H&M.

3) Shopbop: Shopbop is another one of the popular online retailers that don't ask for too much from their customers. You won't find any celebrity-endorsed dresses here, but you can get access to more than 70 brands and more than 300 options across the site.

4) DressLily: DressLily and its sister site Ruche have been around for more than ten years, and they're a go-to for dresses under $75 ($115). The website is easy to use and you'll receive email reminders when your order is shipped. If you need a little help with your prom shopping, the staff is always friendly and helpful.

5) Purple Prom: Purple Prom is one of the most popular prom dress sites around -- it's known for offering some of the most fashionable dresses at very low prices. You're bound to find something that looks great on you in their wide range of styles, colors, cuts, sizes, and brands.

Regardless of what you're looking for, these sites and apps have something for everyone. And remember -- if you can't find what you need after checking the site out, ask for help! There's nothing wrong with trying to find a better deal; use the extra money you saved to get your nails done or buy something small for your friends. After all, prom is a time to celebrate with the people who mean the most to you.

Written by: Nanette LeBarron

DISCLAIMER: This article was originally published by PromGirl, a company that offers affordable prom dresses and accessories. We are not affiliated with them in any way, nor are we paid to do this article.

DISCLAIMER #2: These sites and apps are not guaranteed to offer you the best deals, but they are guaranteed to be legitimate. However, prom shopping can get expensive and we are not responsible for any and all expenses incurred. The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author.



All in all, PromGirl is a great website for finding affordable prom dresses. You can get fashionable designs and styles at an amazing price. Although they are expanding their selection of dresses, the store still has a lot of affordable choices available. Also, they offer free shipping on all orders over $150 which is pretty awesome. Overall, I would recommend this website to anyone looking for affordable prom attire that will look fabulous on them!

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