Fashions That Flatter


 Fashions That Flatter

Oftentimes, getting dressed and putting on makeup can be a painstakingly long process. But what do we want? To feel good about ourselves! So whether it's for a date night or just going to work, finish your look with one of these six outfits that are flattering on everyone.

1) Wear color-block pants with a pastel blouse. 
2) Wear your favorite piece of jewelry with jeans and a statement necklace. 
3) Pair a romper with some heels to make it elegant enough for the office. 
4) Put on your favorite pair of pumps and dress them up by wearing short shorts over them (and don't forget the retro belt!). 
5) Wear a long flowy skirt and pair it with a white blouse, necklace, and sandals. 
6) Put on your favorite heels to wear with a colorful maxi dress.

All of these outfits are versatile and will give you the confidence boost you need for any special occasion! So...
Which one looks the best on you?
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Ten simple tips that will help your makeover be a big success?
1. Be yourself. After all, this is supposed to be a transformation, not an impersonation; carry the confidence that you naturally have and the beauty you know you have inside to come out and shine! Don't forget your favorite pearl necklace or your trademark high ponytail – if something looks good on you, what's the difference how you wear it?
2. Wear what flatters your figure. The look of your entire outfit should be decided by how you look and feel in whatever part of it is going on..

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