Fall Fashion Trend - Take Your Jacket To The Shrink


 Fall Fashion Trend - Take Your Jacket To The Shrink

You know those jackets that were just a little too big when you bought them? Or the wool coat from last year that didn't quite make it through winter? Good news - you can take them to the dry cleaners and have them shrunk! Here's what you need to know about this fall fashion trend.

This article is about something I learned while watching What Not To Wear. One of the fashion experts said that she likes to take her coats back to the dry cleaner for a quick shrink and it really helps freshen up the shape.

At first I thought she meant it was a bad idea - that you should never shrink any garment because it would be hard to get the right fit again and shrinkage could lead to material damage. So I went online to check on it.

What I found out is that dry cleaning is sometimes used for shrinking. It's not a secret either, lots of places advertise the service for trousers, shirts, sweaters and jackets. You can even do it at home by washing in hot water and drying on high heat but that can be risky if you don't watch what you're doing because shrinking things too much is easy.

There's some debate about how much you can shrink clothing. Some people say you can do it to basically everything - from pants, shirts and sweaters to linens and tablecloths. Others say the "safe" limit is five percent shrinkage which is what you get when clothes get laundered. Still others say it's such a delicate process that only certain fabrics are safe to shrink in this way. My guess is, if you're going to have your clothes shrunk, go for the five percent maximum because anything above that could be dangerous - I know from personal experience that when you squeeze your skin too tight after a lot of sunshine it could leave a mark.

So now you know, you can have the dry cleaners shrink your jackets - just make sure it's not too much of a squeeze. And if you're thinking about doing it yourself, make sure you read up on the best way to do it so you don't ruin your clothes.

Note: This post has been deleted by the author. The discussion is still happening around this topic in the comments below and that's where I will answer any questions and provide further information as needed. Thank you!

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