Expired Domains: Outrageously Effective Traffic Generation Technique


 Expired Domains: Outrageously Effective Traffic Generation Technique

If you’re like most people reading this blog post, you might be thinking it would be best to avoid expired domains. If that’s the case, you’re in for a surprise.

We know that expired domains can sometimes seem like a musty old attic or dusty basement and not particularly inviting. But if you take the time to explore them, as we did, you might just find something really interesting! We also found some surprising benefits of using these kinds of sites and domains to get your website ranked higher in search engines and win more customers for your business.

I’m sure you know that expired domains can be very valuable to a website owner. So, what are they? Expired domains are just that – domain names that have been taken off the market by their owners. In most cases the domain name owners went to something else. The two most common reasons why people let their domain expire are:

They didn’t feel it was profitable enough They lost interest in the project entirely and wanted to move on with something else

And really, this is great news for you because you can get any domain you want for FREE! People generally list them at auction on places like Flippa and Sedo. Here’s the catch though. They don’t go for much money. Even more than a year after the domain expired, they might sell for only $100 or less!

The Benefits of Using Expired Domains

So what are the benefits to using these kinds of sites and domains to get your website ranked higher in search engines and win more customers for your business? Besides getting them free, there are a number of other benefits as well:

1. Popularity – People have a tendency to trust popular websites (which many expired domains become over time) more than newer ones. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily any better. It means they’ve been around a while. Kind of like having been in business for “X” years.

2. Inbound links – Inbound links are one of the most powerful ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm. The more inbound links you have, the higher your website will rank. Many expired domains will already have hundreds or even thousands of backlinks to them from other sites. This is something you can benefit from by simply having the domain pointed to your content and website (the most beneficial being the url). There are also services such as expireddomains.com that will help you do this for a small fee (around $25).

3. Established authority – In many cases, the fact that you’re taking the expired domain from the former owner gives you some sort of authority. When people are researching a name or brand, they check up on what kind of authority there is behind it. The larger and more important projects are usually the ones to drive traffic to their expired domains because they know their acquiring power is better than most new sites out there. This is one reason why when someone finds out that your domain name they had bought was expired, they’re much more inclined to buy something with it than someone who didn’t have any kind of history behind it.


So if you’re thinking about using expired domains as part of your link building or content promotion strategy, don’t be afraid. By using them, you have access to some of the same things large companies or even celebrities do just by having their domain names pointed toward your site.

There are plenty of great expired domains out there. If you want more information, visit our Expired Domains Directory .

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