Embroidered Workwear Goes Beyond Just Decoration


 Embroidered Workwear Goes Beyond Just Decoration

Embroidered workwear has become a trend in the workwear industry not because of its aesthetic qualities, but because of its durability. The material withstands the wear and tear on the fabric and prevents rips and tears. Embroidery on apparel also helps identify an organization as well as their culture.

If you are considering buying embroidered apparel for your company, then this post is for you! Here are some benefits of embroidered workwear that you might not know about:

1) Embroidery is a durable fabric option for clothing. 
2) It can be used to identify different organizations or cultures while also giving them a sense of uniqueness.
3) Embroidery can be used in a variety of different settings, not just in workwear.
4) Stronger threads are used to ensure the embroidery will not tear or wear off easily.
Embroidered workwear is also less likely to get worn out over time compared to other forms of printing and this is why many companies choose this method over others. The cost for embroidered apparel is also twice as expensive than other options such as screen-printing, but if you take into account the durability then it's worth the price.

Embroidered workwear is also a fashion trend today and many companies have created their own versions of embroidered workwear. Businesses like The Black Sheep Inc., are using this as an opportunity to create a unique, and trendy look for their business at the same time. The following are some examples of this trend:
The Black Sheep Inc.
Pocket Squared Apparel 
Here at Pocket Squared we really do not just want our apparel to be functional, we want them to be fashionable! Embroidery adds more flare to the garments we create and gives our clients a more stylish look….like they have just stepped out of the pages of a magazine.
Or maybe you're looking for a less "couture" approach and more of a rustic look that would suit your business. In that case, you should visit Iron Horse at www.ironhorsestore.com . Their designs are rooted in the Cowboy Western lifestyle and they will give your company an authentic look.
And if you want to get really in-depth…here are some images of the process from the design phase to the stitching phase:
When choosing embroidering as a method of decoration, it's crucial to consider not just the final effect but also the cost and timeframe involved in accomplishing this goal. The cost for embroidering should be around $1-$2 per garment. This is a lot higher than screen-printing, but the higher price is well worth it. Embroidered workwear will last longer on the garments and will be able to withstand wear and tear. The process of screen-printing can rip or tear easily and would not be able to withstand as much wear as an embroidered garment.

The timeframe for embroidery is about 10–15 days. This timeframe is longer than other forms of printing….but again, it's worth the extra wait! Ten to fifteen working days may seem like a long time, but if you consider that other printing methods take several days and even up to a week…then embroidery seems like the better option in hindsight.

Embroidery is a great way to decorate a variety of different clothing. If you are looking for a unique identity for your business, then embroidery is the way to go. Not just in workwear, but also in other clothing! So keep this post in mind if you're interested in embroidered apparel and be sure to visit our website at www.pocket-squared.com to see our products here at Pocket Squared!
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