Email Marketing: design tips to improve your open rates.


 Email Marketing: design tips to improve your open rates.

Email marketing is one of the best opportunities to promote a brand, create a relationship for your company, and turn potential customers into clients. With email being an all-inclusive platform for marketers, there are many aspects that can help an email campaign go viral. For a successful email marketing strategy to be implemented, the tips below should be taken into account when crafting your message. Let's start with the basics of designing high-quality emails.

A headline in your email should directly state what you are offering, so that the reader knows exactly what they are receiving. If you can also use a 'call-to-action' (CTA) to entice the reader to click on something, this is a great idea. When writing your subject line, it is important to keep it clear and concise so that it can be easily identified and understood. If you come up with an interesting subject line for your message, this will help the consumer click through more than if your subject line was boring or too simple. Also, always add a preview of what is inside the email so that the recipient knows what they are clicking on without opening up again.

It is always best to stick with the tried-and-true colors for your emails, and stick with a layout that is familiar to your audience. When it comes to images, always use stock images or photographs that are relevant and linked back to your company by using a clear logo or URL within the image itself. If you have logo in the email, make sure it is high resolution and in the same style as your website. Also, keep your images to a minimum of three.

Before sending your email, always use test accounts to make sure that you are sending it to the correct recipient. It is really easy to accidentally send out a campaign to anyone's inbox, so make sure you double check this before hitting send. Although testing your email is something that is recommended before hitting 'send', it's also something that shouldn't be overlooked after the fact. Make sure that you get in touch with those who did not open or click on the email and ask them why they did not click on it.

Using the above tips will help you send a message that your potential customers will receive and can easily understand. The better your recipient understands what they are receiving, the more likely it is that they will open up the email and read it. Mass emails or newsletters should always contain an opt-in box, where consumers can say whether or not they want to be added to your database -- so that you can contact them later on down the line.

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Conclusion:  Administrators may need to evaluate the number of visitors on their website. As a result, they need to analyze the effectiveness of email newsletter and promotions in terms of traffic increases. At the same time, email marketing can be used to help increase prospective purchases. With these types of features, it is very easy for site visitors to receive the information about their products and services when they are looking for them via the Internet.
To create an attractive design, choose a colorful background and font color that matches your corporate brand color. You can use different colors in your layout if you want to make this easier for your visitors to see your contents in all sections.

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