Ecommerce Website Development Brings More People To Your Business


 Ecommerce Website Development Brings More People To Your Business

So you’ve launched your business and the transition to online commerce was necessary for your survival. But, now what? How do you make sure people can find and visit your website?

They will if you invest in a professionally developed ecommerce website. Your ecommerce site is essentially the front door of your business, so it should be designed with conversion and usability in mind. Have a design expert create an easy-to-navigate site that can grow as your company grows.

Here are a few other reasons why you should invest in an ecommerce website:

1. Ecommerce brings opportunities to new markets & customers
 2. Ecommerce is an effective form of marketing that brings people to your stores.3. Ecommerce generates more revenue than traditional marketing and advertising.4. Ecommerce has the ability to increase average order amounts by 40% or more (from $35 to $55).5. The average ecommerce transaction takes 17 minutes (compared to 4 minutes for a phone call).6. ECommerce sites generate tremendous ROI for their owners, up to 13X over the lifetime of a shop vs 5X over the lifetime of a store solely relying on traditional advertising .7. Ecommerce websites are easier to update than your brick and mortar storefront8. Ecommerce sites are 21% faster than traditional websites9. Ecommerce sites are more secure and less likely to be defaced by hackers.10. Your online customers trust you and your products more than they trust a store only selling local goods
So, if ecommerce is so awesome, why isn't everybody doing it?
Shares of traffic visited online retail sites fell nearly 20 percent in the fourth quarter over the prior year, according to data from comScore , despite strong holiday shopping at stores in malls and on the Internet.
What happened? The big retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, are to blame. They not only opened their own ecommerce sites but also cut prices to lure shoppers away from the smaller online retailers.
It's a known fact that up to 50% of small businesses fail in their first year and while I don't know the exact number for ecommerce stores I'd guess it's similar. And this is not surprising since most ecommerce stores are built by people with very limited experience with ecommerce websites. What do I mean by 'limited experience'? Armed with the basic knowledge of HTML they think they can build a good looking site, pay someone on Fiverr to write some 'seo friendly' content and consider their job done. To my surprise this is so often not the case. The reason? They haven't read any books on ecommerce websites, online stores or their conversion optimization.
Here are a few things you need to know if you want a good ecommerce site:
Know what your visitors look like. Know what they search for and know if they are likely to purchase something from you. To do this you will need to conduct some research – use Google Analytics for free and get access to infinite insights about the traffic of your website (you can also get paid web analytics solutions like Raven Tools which have more features and pricing but are still very affordable).

Conclusion: You need to know who your visitors are, what they search for and if they are likely to buy something from you. Armed with this information you will be able to build a site that is unique to your business and matches the needs of your customers.
What is also important regarding conversion rate optimization is that you should not over complicate things – for example don't include 10 pages of content in your navigation bar just because the guy at the ecommerce website design company told you it's necessary. Instead of creating more work for yourself focus on using only two or three pages of content as navigational tools which will make finding products much easier for users which can significantly increase their conversion rate.
Choose the right keywords .

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