eCommerce Web Site Building: Where Do I Start?


 eCommerce Web Site Building: Where Do I Start?

eCommerce websites are different than your ordinary ones. The instructions to building one will be very different from designing websites that sell some widgets or services. Representation and quantity are two main requirements for a successful eCommerce website. When you build your site, you need to make sure it is robust and enticing for the target audience while not being overwhelming for them to navigate through the site on mobile devices.

It may seem overwhelming when you think about everything that needs to happen in order for your website to be successful, but with these tips, you should find it much easier than expected. It would be much more helpful if you have an idea of what types of information you want your eCommerce website to collect.

In building your website, it is important to think about the following:

Who are you selling to? Are you selling a physical product or a service? What is the difference between these two types of offerings?
Do you have a clear picture of your visitors' needs/wants? If so, start with this information. What do your visitors care about the most? This is something that can help you with your website design.
How will your visitors browse the products? Are they doing this on a mobile device or a computer? Will this require more than one page for each product listing; or one page where all products are listed along with more items on each one to be viewed separately?
How will these pages be arranged in terms of size/shape of the product images? What information does each page need for each product listing to meet customers' expectations and entice them into purchasing from you? Is there anything else that needs to be added to these pages such as forums, blogs, articles, videos, etc. to create an even better experience for the customer?
What other products will go with your product (mixed-product category listing)? Do you want to make these products easily accessible from the main category page? If yes, then create a separate page for each one of them.
Are there any related products or services that you'd like to promote along with your product?
Who is your target audience? You may have a specific target audience in mind based on their location, income level, etc. You need to make sure that you know what they are looking for. Research their hobbies and give them something that they would surely love and appreciate. You can also analyze their behavior based on what you know about them as an audience – what they like to read, watch, and listen to.
If your product or service is of interest to other businesses or organizations, do you want to advertise them in your website? If yes, then include a separate page for them. It will be easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for because they can click on the links instead of having to search through hundreds of web pages.


With a clear idea of what you want and the materials that are needed to make it happen, a website for eCommerce is well within your reach. If you want to learn more about eCommerce websites, please refer to the below e-books:

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Ecommerce Web Design & Development - A Beginners Guide Part 1: The Basics (also available in PDF format)
Conversion Rate Optimization By Example - Lesson 1 : How To Grab Your Visitors' Attention (also available as an eBook)

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