Ecommerce And The "Reason Why"


 Ecommerce And The "Reason Why"

The reason why 68% of people are not using online stores to buy is because they find shopping through an online store inconvenient or uncomfortable. This is how you solve the second problem of convenience.

Online retail has been around since 1996; it's now a worldwide phenomenon that generates billions in revenue every year. But despite ecommerce's popularity, there are still a lot of people who do not use it to shop. In this blog post, we'll be giving you reasons as to why more people should start shopping on their favorite websites and devices (the first problem of convenience).

The reasons why people do not shop through online stores

Here are five reasons as to why more people should start using online stores, and how sites such as eBay and Amazon can increase the number of people that use them:

1. The problem of convenience

First, let's talk about the problem of convenience. According to a survey conducted by Adobe, about 45% of consumers said that they do not make purchases through online stores because they are simply uninterested or uncomfortable with doing so (source). This is understandable considering that around 60% of consumers now own an ecommerce website. Embracing ecommerce requires consumers to get used to buying products through their website, which can be quite challenging for some.

The solution to the problem of convenience is to make the online shopping experience more comfortable and convenient. In other words, websites should make consumers feel right at home when they buy products from them. How do they do this? They create fun, interactive websites that are extremely easy to use, with a wide range of payment options. By simplifying their entire payment system and making it easier for shoppers to check out fast, consumers will be more comfortable paying for their purchases online; hence, increasing their chances of buying through an ecommerce store.

2. The problem of accessibility

Second, let's talk about the problem of accessibility. According to the same survey, around 40% of consumers do not shop online because it's too easy to buy stuff from other stores (source). This means that some shoppers simply don't know how to get started on ecommerce platforms.

The solution to the problem of accessibility is for merchants/stores to create blogs or guides that will teach their potential customers how they can use them and make purchases; this will increase their chances of winning a customer over through convenience and accessibility.

How sites like eBay can increase the number of people who use them

Since 86% of consumers trust online stores, they are now becoming very popular among more consumers. This is why sales on ecommerce websites are expected to grow by 20% in the next 3 years (source).

But despite their popularity, a majority of consumers do not use them. Why? Since it's convenient to buy from stores, people tend to shop through them all the time. This means companies such as eBay have an opportunity to increase their market share and make more money through consumers.

The solution to more people shopping through online stores is for eBay and other similar sites like it to cater more towards convenience; this will result in a higher number of customers converting their online resources into physical ones. Offering easy payment methods for buyers will also encourage them to buy from other sites.


In short, an online store's success is mainly dependent on the happiness of their customers. If they do not feel right at home when they shop for physical items online, then there is a high chance that they will abandon their carts. This is why it's important for ecommerce sites to make their online shopping experience fun and easy. Offering them a wide range of payment methods will also give them something to look forward to when making purchases.

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