eBay Listing Tips


 eBay Listing Tips

You know you want to sell that old piece of furniture, but you don't have a clue on the logistics. Never fear, eBay has all the tricks and tools to make your sale as simple as possible. Here are some tips on what to include in your listing, how to set the price for you item, and much more!

To get started: 

1. Make sure that all the items you're selling are fairly clean and intact. You don't want buyers questioning why they should buy from you when they see a dirty or broken item in the listing pictures. 
2. Take high-quality photos. You want your item to stand out and look its best, so include different high-quality, close up pictures to show the details of your item as much as possible. 
3. Be descriptive in your listing title and description, but make sure not to be too wordy or go into too much detail. Keep both under 200 characters in order to easily fit on eBay's search bar and make it easy for buyers to find you item. 
4. Set a fair price for your item that is reasonable for both you and potential buyers. Use eBay's price guidelines as a starting point, but consider other factors like condition when making your final decision on price. 
5. Set shipping options and prices. Shipping your item can be somewhat confusing, but eBay makes it easy to do by offering several different shipping options as well as pricing that is already set for you based on the service you select. 
6. Be ready for questions, if someone has a question specifically about your listing, they can send a message to the seller directly from the listing page. Be sure to answer quickly so that buyers are not left wondering about their purchase for too long. 
7. Get paid and close the sale! Once your item is sold, you'll receive an email letting you know exactly how much money is due from your buyer using PayPal (which eBay recommends. 
8. Get professional help! Another perk of selling on eBay is that you can work with a seller's advocate to help with shipping, packing, and other information needed for your item.

Here are some valuable posts in the "Buyer's Guides" section:

1. How to properly pack up your item so it arrives safely! This can be a useful guide when sending an item from one state to another, or when shipping more than one item at once. 
2. How to price items correctly! This covers such things as the amount of packaging material you should use, how much of a shipping fee you can charge for certain locations and weights (i.e. extra heavy items can be more costly to ship than regular), and more. This can be useful for selling multiple things at once, for sellers that have different items they're both listing on eBay, and even for one-of-a kind items where there isn't a set price amount to pay.
3. How to write test messages (test your posting and determine how it's performing in search results). This section contains the most tips and best practices for writing your message, formatting your title, etc. This can be useful if you aren't familiar with eBay's feedback system or if you're unsure about what buyers will think of an item after seeing it on eBay.com (or in case something is missing from the item description).

Another useful post:  

1. How to get your item featured! This is one of the most effective ways to help improve the chances of a sale, especially if you have a unique item that no one else has listed yet. 
2. How to decide how long to keep an item on eBay for. This post talks about various considerations people should take when deciding whether or not they should list something again after it's been sold, like taxes, logistics of shipping an item (that buyer is more than willing to pay for), etc.

There are more eBay guides in the "Buyer's Guides" section for those who want to learn more about how everything works on eBay.com. Just remember that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selling on eBay, as any item can be sold as long as it's legal! If you have any questions, or if you end up selling an item on eBay, check back here and leave a comment on what worked well for you and what didn't. Good luck!



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