E-standards of Gold


 E-standards of Gold

The E-standards of gold is a mental online test that evaluates if you have the potential to be an e-merchant. It consists of 50 questions that make up a total score out of 100 points. The test is divided into five sections, all containing easy to moderately difficult questions. Each section also sets a target range with which your potential merchant level will fall in. The final section, which contains more difficult questions, falls in the range from 80 -100 points and can only be taken within the two weeks after taking it for the first time. After successfully completing the E-standards of gold test, the system will provide you with azelith merchant points that can be used to buy items from other azelith merchants.

By completing the tests, you will also earn e-merchant points which are required to purchase region items. There are four types of region items that can only be purchased with e-merchant points, two of which are region item fragments before they reach 100%. The first type is used for purchasing electronic widgets (e.g., yelp) and enhancements of electronic devices (e.g., GPS). The second and third type are used for purchasing electronic refurbishments and alterations of electronic devices (e.g., GPS). The fourth type is used for purchasing electronic gadgets (e.g., smart phone) and enhancements of electronic devices (e.g., GPS). E-merchant points can also be used to purchase souvenirs, which contain both e-merchant points and region items.

E-merchant points are available for purchase at various time-limited sales. There are usually one or two sales per month throughout the year. The prices may vary depending on the region in which you live, weekly weather, how much sales this particular month are expected to bring in, and what amount of e-merchant points are available from other users nearby. Special events can also cause e-merchant points to be sold at a discounted price.

The test consists of 50 questions, 1 question per section. However, if you are new to azelith merchant, the questions for each section may appear in random order on the test.

Each section is automatically graded and the overall score will be displayed on your screen once the test is complete. If you have any concerns about your performance on one of the sections (i.e., you can not answer all of the questions) you may re-take that section but once again, it will take two weeks before you are able to start re-taking a section for the first time in order to avoid arbitrary penalties from being applied. The test will return to its original order after the two week waiting period is over.

The interview questions are arguably the easiest out of all five sections, and they tend to be shorter rather than longer. However if your answer tends to be wordy, you will need to think twice about how you approach them. For example, if one of the questions is "Why did you choose azelith as an e-merchant?", you might answer that you chose the name because it begins with the letter "a", or because it's similar to your first name.

The historical question section tests whether or not users possess a basic knowledge of Azelith's history.

Conclusion questions will test how users think about azelith's economy and whether or not they have the potential to be an e-merchant.

The final question section, consisting of more difficult questions, can only be taken within two weeks after the first time after taking the test. Those who are eager to decide their e-merchant points may choose to stop on this section for now in order to obtain them faster, though only with this option will scores gained from the advanced section be retained for future use.

This test has been criticized by some due to its ambiguous nature and lack of concrete information regarding the details of what it takes to earn azelith merchant points.

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